Assurance of Learning Goals

The undergraduate degree for the Division of Business is the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The Division of Business has a long standing reputation of quality education in West Virginia and southern West Virginia, in particular. Division graduates have found and achieved success in professional positions, locally, regionally, and at the national level.

A regular cycle of Academic Program Review is conducted to assess the business administration degree program. The faculty examines curriculum, course content, and learning outcomes to ensure appropriateness in the context of learning requirements and provides the review to Division stakeholders.

The Division’s Assurance of Learning goals are:

Division of Business graduates will have:

  • Technological competence.
  • Effective written communication skills.
  • Ethical awareness.
  • Intercultural sensitivity.
  • General business knowledge – to include the competencies and skills needed in core business areas and program specific courses so that Concord’s business graduates can be successful in competing with graduates of peer institutions.

The assessments of student learning takes place in several classes including Strategic Management, Cost Management, Business Productivity Software, Business Ethics, Business Communications, and International Business. The table below displays the degree program learning goals and where they are directly addressed in the degree program’s core courses.

Action Item (AI) assessment activities were implemented beginning fall 2008, to give faculty the flexibility to create and implement assessment measures related to sections of the learning goals, thus demonstrating how the entire degree program supports the five degree program learning goals.

Program Assurance of Learning Goal Placement in Courses

Program Learning Goals ACCT 207 ACCT 322 BEOA 220 BGEN 202 BGEN 222 BGEN 301 BGEN 335 BGEN 440 ECON 201 ECON 202 FIN 311 MGT 305 MGT 430 MGT 460 MKT 305
Technological Competence   w «w              
Effective Written Communication     «ww■ w       «       «      
Ethical Awareness       w                 «■    
Intercultural Sensitivity               «w              
Core Business Knowledge* «■ «■ «■ «w■ «w « « «w «w «w «■ «■ « « «


  • *The ETS Exam is administered to graduating seniors as the direct assessment. All core courses contribute to the knowledge base for this assessment measure.
  • («) Indicates the course is specified to directly assess the learning goal
  • (w) Indicates that a faculty member has provided an Action Item in fall 2008 to support a section of the learning goal
  • (■) Indicates that a faculty member has provided an Action Item in fall 2009 to support a section of the learning goal.
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