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The Bachelor of Science in Education

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This program is offered for students planning to enter the teaching profession.  In this curriculum, students combine coursework in the Division of Business with that of the Division of Education.  Graduates of this program
are qualified to teach business education courses in grades 5-Adult.  Students may complete a single content specialization in Business; however, it is highly recommended that this content specialization be combined with at least one other content specialization.

This degree requires successful completion of a minimum of 128 semester hours, including: (1) the Program of General Studies; (2) the Professional Education Component, and

  • EDUC 210 Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 301 Educational Technology
  • EDUC 305 Psychology of Teaching and Learning (prerequisite: EDUC 210)
  • EDUC 306 .Instructional Processes and Strategies (prerequisites: EDUC 301, 305 and Admission into the Teacher Education program.)
  • EDUC 310 Assessment and Evaluation in Instruction (prerequisite: EDUC 305)
  • EDUC 318. Content Area Reading (prerequisite: EDUC 306)
  • SPED 309. Strategies for the Inclusive Environment (Prerequisite: Admission into the Teacher Education program; EDUC 306)
  • SPED 310. Introduction to Special Education
  • EDUC 456. Supervised Directed Teaching, and,

(3) the requirements for certification in Grades 5-Adult, the comprehensive field in Business Education, with a 2.75 cumulative grade point average.

Business Education Comprehensive


  • ACCT 207 .Principles of Accounting (4)
  • BEOA 220. Fundamentals of Business Communication
  • BEOA 250. Applied Bus Software Topics
  • BEOA 302 .Administrative Systems Management
  • BEOA 414. Special Methods in the Teaching of Business Education
  • BGEN 222. Business Productivity Software
  • BGEN 301 Introduction to the Legal Environment
  • BGEN 311. Management Information Systems
  • BGEN 440 International Business
  • ECON 201. Principles of Macroeconomics
  • *ECON 202. Principles of Microeconomics (0)
  • FIN 311 Managerial Finance
  • MGT 305 Principles of Management
  • MGT 314 Entrepreneurship
  • MKT 305 Principles of Marketing

*One of the Economics courses will satisfy a 3 hour Social Science general studies requirement.

Keyboarding Skill

Once students have declared they are seeking a Business Education teaching certification, Administrative Systems, or Office Supervision degree, they must be able to demonstrate keyboarding proficiency.  If students do
not demonstrate this proficiency, it is their responsibility to seek proper instruction to meet this minimal skill level.  Students must demonstrate this minimal skill requirement before they will be admitted to BEOA 302, Administrative Systems Management, and/or BEOA 414, Special Methods in the Teaching of Business Education.

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