Assessment Committee

Contact Information
  • Dr. Kathryn Liptak
  • Assistant Provost 
  • Director of Assessment
  • College of Professional Studies Interim Dean
  • Accreditation Coordinator
  • M.Ed & M.A.T Program Coordinator 
  • (304)384-5155

 Barnes, Cheryl

 Associate Provost

 Beasley, Sarah

 Director of Retention


 Clayton, Linwood

 Associate Professor
 Recreation & Tourism Management

 Cortez, Kipp

 Assistant Professor of Music

 Department of Fine Arts


 Darlington, Lisa

 Associate Professor of Mathematics
 Department of Science, Health & Math


 Meeteer, Wesley

 Associate Professor or P.E.

 Division of Science, Health & Math

 Patricia, Anthony

 Instructor of English

Department of Humanities

 Robinett, Susan

 Director of University Assessment

 Department of Business

 Roth, Elizabeth

 Assistant Professor of English

 Department of Humanities

Sauchuck, Amanda

 Assistant Professor of Management

 Department of Business

 Tucker, Kathryn

 Assistant Professor Special Education
 Department of Education