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Board of Governors

As directed by West Virginia State Code, the Concord University Board of Governors includes 12 members total.  Of those 12, nine members are appointed by the Governor.  The other three are institutional members.


Gregory M. Allen
Vice Chair
Disciplined Advisors Group
Scottsdale, AZ
Appointed August 02, 2012
David A. Barnette
Jackson Kelly PLLC
Appointed October 18, 2011
Frank L. Blackwell
Wyoming County Schools
Appointed February 6, 2008
Cody Boone
Student Representative
Term: September 2013
Steven Collins
Regional territory manager, eLab testing solutions
Appointed September 23, 2009
Robert "Doc" Foglesong
President and Chief Executive Officer
Appalachian Leadership Education Foundation
Appointed September 4, 2009
Powell, Wyoming
Elliot Hicks
Spilman Thomas & Battle
Appointed September 23, 2009
Gary Hylton
Classified Representative
Elected: July 01, 2013
Michelle Gompf
Faculty Representative
Elected: November 2013
Associate Professor of English​
William McKee Jr.
Appointed: August 14, 2013
Brace Mullett
General Counsel
City Holding Company
Cross Lanes, WV
Appointed December 28, 2008
M. Susan Rogers
Appointed January 14, 2011

The following are additional guidelines for board membership; the Board will include:

  1. A full time member of the faculty (Faculty Representative) elected by popular vote of the full-time faculty,
  2. A member of the student body (Student Representative) elected by popular vote in an at-large election,
  3. A member from the institutional classified employees (Classified Staff Representative) elected by popular vote from members of the Classified Personnel Association,
  4. No more than five lay members can be from the same political party, and
  5. At least six of the lay members must be residents of the state.

The appointed lay citizen members serve terms of four years each and are eligible to succeed themselves for no more than one additional term.

The member representing classified employees serves for a term of two years. Each term begins on the first day of July. Members representing classified employees are eligible to succeed themselves for three additional terms, not to exceed a total of eight consecutive years.

Go to  > WV Code > Chapter 18B HIGHER EDUCATION > WVC 18 B-2 A-1 for more information.  If this link does not work then conduct a search for "West Virginia Legislature." then look for Chapter 18B, Article 2A, Section 1.

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