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Policy No. 43
Catastrophic Leave
Section 1.0      General
1.1.            Scope: This policy establishes a procedure for the administration of the Concord University Catastrophic Leave policy
1.2.            Authority: WV Code 18B-1-6 and HEPC Procedural Rule
Series 38, Section 8 
1.3.            Effective Date: February 25, 2009
1.4.            Approved by: CU Board of Governors 2/17/09; HEPC 2/25/09
Section 2.0      Purpose
2.1.            It is the purpose of this policy to provide specific Concord University procedures for the administration of catastrophic leave derived from West Virginia Code and WVHEPC Procedural Rule, Series 38, Section 8.
2.2.            Any requirement for clarification of this Concord University policy must be resolved according to the terms of Series 38 and currently applicable West Virginia State Code.
Section 3.0      Conditions for the Use of Catastrophic Leave
3.1              Catastrophic leave may not be banked in a general pool.
3.2                          Individual university employees who have accumulated sick and/or annual leave may donate leave directly to another individual Concord University full-time employee whose eligibility to receive donated catastrophic leave has been approved by the President of the University.
3.3              Any Concord University employee who has requested donated catastrophic leave must provide the President with appropriate medical documentation of the condition(s) which necessitate the use of more annual or sick leave than the applicant has accumulated. Catastrophic leave may be donated to and utilized by a recipient only after the President has approved an application for donated catastrophic leave.
3.4       Donated catastrophic leave must be used in one day rotating increments from donor employees. Should there be unused donated leave after a recipient no longer requires catastrophic leave, any such unused leave shall revert to the original donor employee(s).
3.5              Any notice to Concord employees that donated catastrophic leave has been approved must include an advisory that donation of leave          is voluntary and that any donated sick leave will reduce a donor’s sick leave accumulations which may be used to calculate insurance and/or service credit at the time of a donor’s retirement.
3.6              An employee who receives and uses catastrophic leave will accumulate sick and annual leave each month that he/she remains on the University payroll. This sick and annual leave must be used before any donated catastrophic leave may be utilized.
3.7              Effective with the receipt date of a formal written resignation, an employee who has resigned from Concord University may not donate sick or annual leave to another Concord employee who has requested donated catastrophic leave.

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