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Policy No. 33
Classified Employee Salary Policy
Section 1.        GENERAL
1.1              Scope: This policy establishes a classified employee salary policy for Concord University.
1.2              Authority:       West Virginia Code 18B-9-4(b)
                HEPC Series 8
1.3           Effective Date: December 20, 2006
1.4              Approved by: Board of Governors October 24, 2006
Section 2.        PURPOSE
2.1       To establish and communicate a classified employee salary compensation policy which will provide an equitable and effective distribution of available funds to attract, reward and retain qualified and productive classified employees.
2.1.1    The policy herein established will be applied to all classified employees as defined in HEPC Rule, Series 8.
2.1.2    The administration and future modification of the policy, consistent with West Virginia Code and HEPC Rules, will include the Concord University Classified Employees and Staff Council.
2.2       Policy formulation and future modifications are and will be designed to:
2.2.2    Balance external market and internal equity issues.
2.2.3    Attain and maintain full funding of the salary schedule.
2.2.4    Hire new employees at the zero step of the salary schedule.
2.2.5    Create a classified employee salary pool that is equitable to the salary pool for faculty and non-classified employees.
3.1       All classified employees hired after June 30, 2005 shall have an initial salary equal to the zero step at the appropriate pay grade or in accordance and consistent with the statutory salary schedule.
3.2       The Concord Board of Governors sets an important July 1, 2008 goal to have all classified employees paid at the appropriate pay grade or in accordance and consistent with the statutory salary schedule.
3.3       Application of the wage and hour provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended and consistent with West Virginia Code 18B-9-4(c):
3.3.1    No classified employee defined as nonexempt may be paid an annual salary in excess of appropriate placement on the salary schedule.
3.3.2    Exempt classified employees may be paid an annual salary in excess of appropriate placement on the salary schedule only if all exempt classified employees at the institution are receiving the minimum salary for appropriate placement on the pay schedule. No exempt classified employee may be paid an annual salary above the highest salary for the appropriate pay schedule.
3.4       Institution-wide salary increases shall be reviewed by the Staff Council prior to submission to the Board of Governors.
3.4.1    Institution-wide salary pools shall be equitable among all classes of employees.
3.4.2    Full-time and part-time Concord University classified employees shall receive salary increases before salary increases are considered for contract, Foundation, temporary or other BOG, President, or Staff Council-identified employees.
3.4.3    Employees defined as temporary or casual in Series 8, shall not be eligible for any salary increase unless the JEC mandates a classification change.
3.4.4    Concord University will ensure that all mandates, deadlines, and/or methodology enacted by the Board of Governors, the Higher Education Policy Commission, the Governor, or the West Virginia Legislature, and in effect at the time of any salary increase will be implemented.
3.5       Following full funding of the statutory salary schedule, the institution, with the advice and assistance of the Staff Council, may develop a performance appraisal system allowing for merit-based salary increases consistent with a Concord University Board of Governors approved rule on merit.

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