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Policy No. 42
Employee Background Checks
Section 1.0      GENERAL
1.1.            Scope: This policy establishes the guidelines for pre-employment background checks and hiring of Concord University position applicants.
1.2.            Effective Date: February 25, 2009
1.3.            Approved by: CU Board of Governors 2/17/09; HEPG 2/25/09
Section 2.0      PURPOSE
2.1.            This policy is intended to delineate reasonable actions intended to prevent the hiring of employees who may pose a threat to the safety and security of persons at Concord University.
2.2.            This policy is also intended to establish guidelines for the reasonable pre-employment background investigations which Concord University may utilize to minimize liability which may rise from claims of negligence against the University relating to its practices of hiring, supervising, or retaining employees.
3.1              Requesting background information
3.1.1.      All applicants for employment with Concord University must be informed that the Concord will conduct a thorough, position-appropriate background check prior to making any offer of employment.
3.1.2.      Finalists for positions will be requested to give permission for the Office of Human Resources to contact sources of personal information which the applicant may not have submitted as a reference.
3.1.3.      Prior to being invited for any campus visit, an applicant must grant written permission to the University to conduct the background check. If this permission is declined, the applicant will not be granted an on-campus interview and will be removed from consideration for employment.
3.1.4.      During a campus visit, an applicant will be verbally notified by the Director of Human Resources of the requirement(s) for position-appropriate credentials and a deadline for submitting said materials.
3.1.5.      If, in the reasoned judgment of a hiring committee, background, character references, or credential reports call into question an applicant’s suitability for employment, the committee may, regardless of any or all other qualifications or employment announcement requirements, recommend denial of employment with Concord University.
3.1.6.      The background check must be completed by the Human Resources administrator and approved by the President of the University prior to any offer of employment being tendered.
3.2.      Collection, Review and Retention of Background Information
3.2.1.      All information collected from personal references or background investigation becomes part of an individual’s application file, which is made available to those directly involved in the search and screening process.
3.2.2.      Reports on background checks may be reviewed only by the position-category-appropriate committee and University officials with the authority to make or approve an employment recommendation.
3.2.3.      Reports on an applicant’s background will be retained by the Human Resources Office in an application file during the search and applicant screening process.
3.2.4.      An unsuccessful applicant’s employment file will be retained by the Human Resources Office in a confidential file. This application file will be destroyed 12 months after the date of close of the search for which the applicant has applied.
3.2.5.      Any written offer of employment must include a reiteration of the requirements for position-appropriate credentials and a deadline for submission.  An applicant’s failure to approve or provide such documentation by the stated deadline will constitute grounds for a withdrawal of an offer of employment or termination of employment.
3.2.6.      Any written or oral offer of employment will be null and void should credible and verifiable background information demonstrate that an applicant has willfully withheld information or provided false documentation in support of an application for employment with the University. Only the President or his or her designee has the authority to extend the offer of employment.
3.2.7.      The application file of a successful applicant will be retained by the Office of Human Resources in the official personnel file. Background check information of the hired employee will be retained by the Office of Human Resources in a confidential file which will be held separate from the employee’s official personnel file.

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