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Policy No. 16
Faculty and Administrators Emeriti Status
Section 1.        GENERAL
1.1.            Scope: This policy establishes a process to award emeriti status to retiring Concord University faculty and administrators.
1.2.            Authority: WV Code 133-9-6 and HEPC Procedural Rule Series 9
1.3.            Effective Date: March 30, 2006
1.4.            Approved by: Interim Chancellor Bruce Flack
Section 2.        PURPOSE
2.1.            Emeriti status is an honorary title that may be awarded to a retiring faculty member or administrator for extended meritorious service to Concord University.
2.2.            A deliberate and extensive process to award emeriti status to deserving retiring Concord faculty and administrators is essential to the integrity and reputation of the University.
3.1              Nomination or Request Process
3.1.1.      Retiring faculty and administrators can be nominated for emeriti status by colleagues or supervisors.
3.1.2.      Retiring faculty and administrators may request consideration of emeriti status.
3.1.3.      Faculty or administrators nominating colleagues for emeriti status or requesting consideration of emeriti status are responsible to provide appropriate documentation of meritorious teaching, scholarship, and/or service to support the award.
3.2       Consideration Process
3.2.1    Colleague, supervisor or requesting individual seeks support for emeriti status at each administrative level to Cabinet-level administrator.
3.2.2        Successive administrative levels attach recommendation, forward to next administrative level, provide copies to others making recommendation.
3.2.3        Cabinet-level administrator attaches recommendation to President with copies to others making recommendations.
3.2.4        President attaches recommendation for consideration by the Concord University Board of Governors.
3.3       Awarding process
3.3.1        Concord University Board of Governors considers the award of emeriti status in executive session.
3.3.2        Concord University Board of Governors notifies all appropriate parties of their decision.

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