Policy Number: 


Policy No. 10
Policy for Funding Intercollegiate Athletics
Section 1.        GENERAL
1.1              Scope:
This policy governs the funding of intercollegiate athletics teams which participate in the NCAA and WVIAC.
1.2              Authority:
West Virginia Code § 18B-1-6
1.3              Filing Date:
September 30, 2004
1.4              Effective Date:
October 1, 2004
1.5              Approved by:
Concord University Board of Governors, September 16, 2004
WV Higher Education Policy Commission, October 1, 2004
Section 2.        RATIONALE
2.1       Broad based intercollegiate athletics complement the educational mission of the institution, and serve as an original and significant piece of the mosaic that is today Concord University. By supplementing the knowledge and skill acquired in the more traditional academic areas, intercollegiate athletics promote discipline, competitiveness, persistence and a cooperative spirit, all of which prepare a more well rounded graduate for success.
2.2       Intercollegiate athletics are important to the enrollment management of the institution, contributing significantly to the diversity, retention and healthy gender balance that every university strives to achieve. Athletics can be a focal point for dynamic interpersonal interaction that advances the general good of the University.  Although not the most important piece, athletics are arguably one of the most visible portions of the University. A sound athletic program reflects favorably on the entire institution.
2.3       As part of fiscal operations of the University, intercollegiate athletic finance at Concord University will be guided by the following policy:
Section 3.        REVENUES
3.1       State Appropriations: The amount of state appropriated funds that may be expended by the institution each fiscal year for intercollegiate athletics will not exceed two (2) percent of the average state appropriation for that fiscal year for the eight four-year state institutions of higher education.
3.2       Student Athletic Fees: The amount of Student Athletic Fees shall be limited to10 percent of the total undergraduate tuition and fees charged to resident (in-state) students for any given academic year. The President shall annually recommend after consultation with student representatives and others a fee rate to the Board of Governors for approval.
3.3       Athletic Waivers: Though not a revenue stream, athletic waivers are an acceptable means for underwriting the cost of intercollegiate athletics. Athletic tuition waivers shall be limited to 20 percent of the total allowable.
3.4       Institutional Support: Whereas the athletic program is an integral contributor to the mission of Concord University, fiscal resources should be dedicated that prudently provide for an athletic program that reflects the excellence of the institution and assists in developing the “Characteristics of the Educated Person.” Grant-In-Aid scholarships should be maintained to support athletics as an enrollment management effort and to insure that a level of excellence is maintained. Institutional scholarship dollars reserved for athletics should not exceed 30 percent of institutional monies dedicated to the University’s total scholarship program. Total expenditures from unrestricted institutional revenues shall not exceed 70 percent of the national average for Division II institutions.
3.5       Intercollegiate Athletic Revenues: Within NCAA and WVIAC regulations, funding for intercollegiate athletics may include revenue generated by gate receipts, contest guarantees, tournament and post-season income, foundations, private gifts, interest groups, sponsorships, advertising and other development activities related to athletics.
Auxiliary enterprises provide support and services to the entire institution thereby ensuring a safe and fulfilling existence for all members of the extended campus community. The revenue stream provided by the auxiliary enterprises is important to the fiscal health of the greater institution. It is strategically sound for athletics to be supported as a partner in the auxiliary domain of the University.
4.1       The total amount of salaries and benefits for University employees whose responsibilities are related solely to intercollegiate athletics shall be paid by the revenue sources listed above. University employees with multiple department assignments that include duties in intercollegiate athletics shall be paid on a pro-rated basis with the percentage attributed to intercollegiate athletics being paid by the revenue sources listed above.
Section 5.        EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
5.1       Concord University shall not discriminate in intercollegiate athletics on the basis of any protected class, adhering to all applicable statutes of the NCAA, WVIAC, the State of West Virginia and the United States of America.
Section 6.        ANNUAL REPORT
The President of Concord University shall provide to the Board of Governors by November 1 of each year a financial report detailing revenue and expenditures related to intercollegiate athletics.

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