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Policy No. 27
Policy Awarding the HEAPS Grants
Section 1.        GENERAL
1.1       Scope: This policy establishes the general guidelines for awarding the HEAPS grants to eligible students at Concord University. W. Va. Code 18B-2-A-4
1.2       Effective date: May 8, 2006
Section 2         PURPOSE
2.1       Applicants accepted at Concord University and who meet the regular admissions requirements, who apply for financial aid in an appropriate and timely manner shall all be reviewed for HEAPS eligibility by the Director of Financial Aid.
2.2       The Director of Financial Aid shall be responsible for identifying eligible candidates who meet the statutory requirements for the award.
3.1       Must be accepted as a student at Concord University and registered for 3-11 credit hours of study per semester and is making satisfactory progress toward their selected degree program by maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 out of 4.0
3.2       Have applied for other financial aid and thus have completed the FAFSA process
3.3       Has applied for the Pell Grant
3.4       Has demonstrated financial need as calculated by the US Department of Education for Title IV funded programs
3.5       Is a resident of the State of West Virginia
3.6       Is a US citizen
3.7       Is not incarcerated in a correctional facility
3.8       Is not in default on a higher education loan
3.9       Is in compliance with the Selective Service Act
4.1       The Director of Financial Aid shall review each HEAPS recipient to ensure all renewal criteria have been met after the initial award has been granted
4.2       If, upon review, the Director of Financial Aid finds the recipient no longer within the required status to receive the grant, the Director shall declare the student ineligible and notify the student of such in writing within five working days of the finding and do so via certified mail.
4.3       Students denied renewal may appeal the decision by following the same appeals process and policy outlined in policy no. 28 entitled “Student Financial Aid Policies” Sections 4-4.4.


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