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Operational Policy and Procedure
Policy No. 14
Policy on Meetings of the Board of Governors
Section 1.        GENERAL
1.1       Scope:
This policy governs the meetings of the Board of Governors
1.2       This policy is in compliance with West Virginia Code §6-9A-1 through §6-9A-12.
1.3       Passage Date:
1.4       Effective Date: July 26, 2005
1.5       Background portions of this policy are required under West Virginia Code § 6-9A-3.
Section 2.        POLICY
2.1       General meetings of the Board of Governors shall be held no fewer than six (6) times per year. Special meetings may be convened by the Chair, or upon the petition of a majority of the members.
2.2       Meetings may be held on the Athens campus of the University or at such other place as may be designated by the Board.
2.3       Members may participate in Board and committee meetings by telephonic or videoconference means, which permit the voice or video identification of the member.
2.4       Meetings shall be held in a facility accessible to those with disabilities.
2.5       A simple majority of the Board of Governors shall constitute a quorum. A quorum must be present at all times for business of the Board to be transacted.
2.6       General meetings and committee meetings of the Board of Governors are open to the public pursuant to the Open Governmental Proceedings Act, WV Code §6-9A-1 through 12, except the Board or a committee may vote to hold an executive session during its meeting for any of the reasons authorized under West Virginia Code § 6-9A-4. A motion to hold an executive session must identify the authorization in West Virginia Code § 6-9A-4 for the executive session, and be approved by a majority of the members present.
2.7       Meetings will be announced in accordance with the provisions of the Open Governmental Meetings Act. This includes notice of date, time, place and purpose of all meetings being filed with the Secretary of State for filing in the State Register at least five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting. Such filing in the State Register shall also serve as notification of the meeting to the public and news media as required in West Virginia Code § 6-9A-3.
2.8       Notice of the meetings of the Board of Governors shall be posted on the Concord University website no later than five (5) business days before a general meeting. Notice shall include an agenda, the time, date, and place of the meeting, and a contact person for special accommodations relating to disabilities. Notice shall also be transmitted to each member of the Board of Governors no later than five (5) business days before a general meeting, and at least 24 hours prior to an emergency meeting.
2.9       The notice provisions of this section shall not apply in the event of an emergency requiring immediate official action. Notice of an emergency meeting may be filed at any time prior to the emergency meeting, and shall include the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting, and the facts and circumstances of the emergency.
2.10     At the discretion of the Chair, the president of the University, administrative staff, faculty members, classified and non-classified employees and members of the public may be recognized to address the Board or a committee during its meeting.
2.11     Meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order
2.12     Minutes of each meeting shall be prepared and distributed to board members by the secretary or designee within two (2) weeks of the meeting. Contents of the minutes and agendas shall include all items required under the West Virginia Open Governmental Proceedings Act.
2.13     The Board may cause the removal from a meeting of any member of the public who is disrupting the meeting to the extent that orderly conduct of the meeting is compromised.


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