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Operational Policy and Procedure
Policy No. 24
Policy on Undergraduate Admissions to the University
Section 1.        GENERAL
1.1              Scope: This policy governs the admissions of students to Concord University
1.2              This policy is in compliance with West Virginia Code §18B-1-6, §18B-1-8
1.3              Passage Date: April 19, 2006
1.4              Effective Date: May 8, 2006
2.1              Students must meet the following requirements for entrance to the university:
a.       Have met the General Educational Development (GED) requirements OR
b.      Have a high school diploma and have an overall grade point average of at least 2.00 OR a composite score of 17 on the American College Testing program (ACT) or 810 on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), AND
c.       completed the required course units (years) at an approved secondary school: 4 English (including courses in grammar, composition and literature), 3 Social Studies (including US History), 3 Mathematics (Algebra I and at least one higher unit), 3 science (two of the three units must be laboratory science, including biology, coordinated thematic science, chemistry, environmental earth science in grades 11 or 12, physics and other courses with a strong laboratory science orientation). Strongly recommended units – 2 foreign language units, and elective units chosen from the academic core (English. language arts, mathematics, science, social studies) or subjects such as computer science, fine arts, humanities and keyboarding.
d.      Submit an application form to the Admissions Office, preferably prior to June 1 of the fall semester in which they are to enroll. Interviews are encouraged but not required.
e.       Arrange for official copies of high school credentials, the official results of the ACT or SAT, and a satisfactory health form to be forwarded to the Admissions Office.
2.2              In-state and out of state applicants are considered under the same admissions policy
2.3              Applicants for admission who have been out of high school for more than five years, or who meet the established GED requirements may be exempted from the specific high school unit requirements
2.4              Applicants who are not high school graduates will be considered only if they meet the GED criteria, and are at least 17 years of age, or past the age they would have been had they remained in school until graduation, and must have been out of high school more than one year preceding their application.
2.5              Provisional admission may be granted in instances where officials have evidence that the student has the potential to complete college level work. The following stipulations apply:
a.       if freshman placement standards require, developmental work must be completed prior to enrolling in the corresponding college level courses
b.      students must complete the provisions of their conditional admission within the first three semesters of enrollment
c.       conditionally admitted students must achieve a minimum of a 2.00 GPA in at least twelve graded hours
d.      When all admissions standards have been met, conditional status will be removed.
e.       Non-resident
f.       The university may admit no more than five (5) percent of freshmen students as provisional, based upon enrollment of first time freshmen entering the institution in the fall term of the previous year. The final decision to admit a student provisionally shall be made by the Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid.
Section 3.        TRANSFER POLICY
3.1              Transfer students must submit an application form to the university admissions office, and this must include any colleges or universities previously attended and the reason for leaving the institution. The student must provide the Admission Office with transcripts of all previous college work. The Registrar’s Office will determine the number of hours to be accepted in transfer. The admissions decision will be made after a thorough review of all records by the Admissions Office.
3.2              Transfer student shall not be admitted if they are deficient twenty or more quality points in their work at the institutions they previously attended unless there are extenuating circumstances. Any decision on admission of transfer students on a provisional basis must be made by the Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid. Applicants must be in good academic and social standing from the preceeding institutions, and be able to return to the institution from which they are transferring unless they have been out of school for 5 years.
3.3              A satisfactory health form must be submitted after admission
3.4              Transfer students with fewer than 30 semester hours of credit must submit their ACT or SAT scores and a copy of their high school transcript prior to admission.
Section 4.        NON-DEGREE STUDENTS
4.1              The University may admit a student on a non-degree basis. These students are not seeking a degree or certificate. Non-degree seeking students must demonstrate to the Admissions Office qualities making their success reasonably assured.
4.2              After completing 15 hours of credit, non-matriculated students will be subject to regular student academic requirements
4.3              If a non-matriculant wishes to matriculate, all applicable admissions requirements must then be met, including transcripts and SAT or ACT scores.
Section 5         TRANSIENT STUDENTS
5.1              Students seeking a degree at another institution may enroll for course work at Concord University. The student must submit the transient approval form to Admissions from their home institution. Upon receipt of the transient form, the student is then registered for classes.
6.1              All applications for admission to the Regents Bachelor of Arts program are handled by the Office of the Vice President and Academic Dean
Section 7         OFF-CAMPUS STUDENTS
7.1              The admissions requirement for off-campus students are the same as for regular admission to the University
8.1              International students must submit an application form to the Admission Office. In addition, they must have satisfactory academic records, with a minimum score of 500(paper-based) and 173(computer-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
8.2              Internationals student must submit official high school transcripts, and official scores of their ACT or SAT scores, along with official transcripts of any colleges or university previously attended.
8.3              International students must provide documentation that indicates they can meet the financial responsibilities of university attendance.
Section 9         VETERANS
9.1              Veterans may qualify for admissions by GED or high school diploma as outlined under earlier sections herein.
9.2              Veterans should contact the Veterans Affairs Office located in Financial Aid for specific assistance with payment of tuition and fees and course and progress requirements
10.1          High school students may be granted, on occasion, full admission to the University and be granted permission to enroll for full time study without completing the normal high school program. Applicants in this category must fulfill the following:
a.       have a senior classification (completed at least 12 units into the college preparatory curriculum)
b.      a grade average and an ACT or SAT score which yield a prediction factor indicating that the student has at least a seventy percent chance of earning a C or higher at the university, and
c.       recommendation of the high school principal or guidance counselor
11.1          Students who intend to continue their high school programs may seek conditional admission to enroll in college courses either during one or both summer terms, or during the academic year.
11.2          Qualifications include the following
a.       completion of at least the sophomore year ( 8 units in the college preparatory curriculum)
b.      grade point average of 3.00 or better in all academic subjects in high school
c.       recommendation of high school principal or counselor
11.3          number of courses the student may take is limited by the university
12.1          The University will admit home schooled students subject to the following qualifications;
a.       applicant must submit an acceptable ACT or SAT score
b.      Applicant must submit full transcript of courses taken in the home with grades
c.       Applicant must submit either a passing GED score, or in instances where county school boards issue certification for completed home school programs, those certificates may be submitted in lieu of the GED.
13.1          The Admissions Office shall comply with all applicable federal state and institutional rules and regulations regarding non-discrimination and equal and fair treatment of applicants and students. These policies shall be reviewed annually with all Admissions Office employees.
13.2          The Admissions Office will be physically accessible to students with disabilities, and reasonable accommodation requests will be considered upon receipt in conjunction with the Concord ADA coordinator.

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