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All public colleges and universities in West Virginia are required to follow a carefully crafted set of guidelines and deadlines for developing institutional policies, notifying constituent groups, and securing approval for the policies.

The guidelines are presented in "Title 133, Procedural Rule (of the), Higher Education Policy Commission, Series 4, Rules, Guidelines and other Policy Statements by Governing Boards."

"Series 4" explains the process and establishes the deadlines for the various stages that all policies must go through.

Please click on the following link for a table listing the policies for Concord University.

  • Title 133, Procedural Rule, Higher Education Policy Commission, Series 4, Rules, Guidelines and other Policy Statements by Governing Boards
    Click on the following link for a list of West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission Rules and Policies: Then select: "Series 4: Rules, Guidelines and Other Policy Statements by Governing Boards. - Final - Effective July 31, 2006 " for procedures directing the posting of policies at Concord University. Or, click here.


Policy Number Efective Date
1 Presidential Appointment, Responsibilities and Evaluation
2 Waiver of Regular Fees for Third-Party Sponsored Courses
3 Concord College Board of Governors Travel Rules
4 Bookstore Policies and Guidelines for Textbooks
5 Policy Regarding Program Review
6 Awarding Honorary Degrees
7 Classified Employee Bumping/Layoff Policy
8 Role of Adjunct Faculty at Concord College
9 The Role of Part-time Classified Employees at Concord College
10 Funding Intercollegiate Athletics
11 Adoption, Amendment, Repeal of Policies
12 Fixed Asset Inventory
13 Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition and Fee Waivers
14 Policy on Meetings of the Board of Governors
15 Parking and Traffic Policy
16 Faculty and Administrators Emeriti Status
17 Sabbatical Leave
18 Faculty Salaries
19 Assessment, Payment, and Refund of Fees
20 Student Rights and Responsibilities
21 Policy on Use of Institutional Facilities
22 Policy on Credit Card Solicitation
23 Policy on Alcoholic Beverages on the Concord University Campus
24 Policy on Undergraduate Admissions to the University
25 Student Academic Rights
26 Policy on appeal of non-renewal of PROMISE AWARD
27 Policy Awarding the HEAPS Grants
28 Student Financial Aid Policies
29 Policy on Social Justice
30 Faculty Termination Due to Reduction or Discontinuance of an Existing Program
31 Naming, Renaming or Memorial Recognition of Structures, Facilities, Property, Flora, and Organizational Units or Personnel Positions
32 Academic Forgiveness
33 Classified Employee Salary Policy
34 Grade Point Average for Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees
35 Procedures for Hiring Classified Employees
36 Policy on Parental Notification of Student Offenses
37 Nondiscrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and Other Forms of Harassment
38 Capital Spending Policy
39 Procedure for Faculty Evaluation, Promotion and Tenure
42 Employee Background Checks
43 Catastrophic Leave
44 Military Call-up of Faculty, Staff or Students
45 Wireless Network Policy
46 Employment of Relatives/Family Members (Nepotism)
47 Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Policy
48 Return to Work Policy
49 Disciplinary Policy
50 Overtime and Compensatory Time Policy