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Policy No. 8
Policy on the Role of Adjunct Faculty
EFFECTIVE DATE:  September 17, 2003
TITLE:                         Role of Adjunct Faculty at Concord College
APPROVED BY:       Concord College Board of Governors
WV Higher Education Policy Commission
The Concord College Board of Governors endorses the long-time institutional philosophy that faculty responsibilities are best fulfilled with a core of full-time teaching faculty. Faculty have primary employment with Concord College, have responsibilities constituting full-time employment, and have primary responsibilities in instruction.
There is no precise mathematical formula to determine the appropriate number of full-time faculty.  The following operating principles should continue until this matter can be discussed by the Faculty Senate early in the fall 2003 semester, and their recommendations considered by the Board of Governors before November 15, 2003.
  • Adjunct faculty will expand the full-time faculty by offering additional sections of existing classes or may enhance the depth and breadth of full-time faculty by offering additional classes.
  • At least one full-time faculty is needed for every major.
  • Adjunct faculty will have appropriate academic credentials.
  • Adjunct faculty will be evaluated annually.
The above statement is consistent with the North Central Association General Institutional Requirements and common understandings in the higher education community.


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