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SWOT Committee

Chuck Elliott Chief Information Technology Officer
Mohan Pokharel Assistant Professor of Management
Alecea Standlee Assistant Professor of Sociology

Steering Committee

Charles Becker Vice President of Business & Finance
Charles Brichford Professor and Chair of the Division of Humanities
Marshall Campbell Director of Human Resources, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committees
Rick Dillon Vice President of Administration & Associate Dean of Students
Chuck Elliott Chief Information Technology Officer
Marjie Flanigan Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Kevin Garrett Athletic Director
Jacqueline Nottingham Chief Enrollment Management Officer
Amy Pitzer Editorial Assistant/Representative of the Classified Staff
Jane Smith Vice President and Academic Dean
Sarah Turner Director of Alumni Affairs and Executive Director of the CU Alumni Association
Susan Williams Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Social Sciences/
Faculty Senate President/Director of the Beckley Center

Full Strategic Planning Committee

The Full Strategic Planning Committee includes all the members of the Steering Committee in addition to the individuals listed below:



Alice Allen-Hawthorne Sciences, Mathematics and Health
David Ball Fine Arts
Cheryl Barnes Dean’s Office & Division of Education
Sarah Beasley Retention and the Academic Success Center
Kevin Bennington Fine Arts
Cody Boone Students
Carolyn Cox Classified Staff
Frederick Davidson Business Division
Charlotte Davis Business Division
Tom Ford Sciences, Mathematics and Health
Ryan Hallows Humanities
Elliot Hicks Chairman of Board of Governors
Sally Howard Social Sciences
Gary Hylton Classified Staff and BOG Member
Tracy Luff Social Sciences
Joseph Manzione Humanities
Cathy Matherly Classified Staff
Tammy Monk Advancement and Career Services
David Moore Students
Brace Mullett BOG member
Terry Mullins Education
Susie Rogers Board of Governors member
Chelsey Rowe Students
Connie Shumate Library
Gerry VonVille Physical Plant Director
Pam Wallace Students
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