Strategic Planning Process

Through its strategic planning process, Concord University envisions its future and sets goals to achieve that vision. The strategic plan develops avenues of focus and growth and maps those avenues into a measurable strategic plan. The plan will be a template for the direction and growth of the University for the next five years until 2020.

The strategic planning effort will be accomplished by the Strategic Planning Committee with involvement of the entire campus community. Concord University’s Strategic Planning Committee consists of representatives from the Board of Governors, the administration, the faculty, staff and students. The Committee will consider the mission of the University and assess the collective future vision and goals of the institution to create a plan that effectively outlines the steps needed to achieve that shared future vision. As part of the process, all faculty, staff, and students were given the opportunity to respond to a SWOT survey. This survey asked what members of these constituent groups believe are the University’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Thereafter, the Committee designed an initial draft of a shared future vision of the University and created various scenarios that may be possible foundations for a strategic plan. A Steering Committee has been established and tasked with finalizing the shared future vision and investigating and vetting the scenarios outlined by the full Committee. The Steering Committee will periodically report back to the full Committee. Throughout the entire process, the campus community will be kept apprised of the Committee’s activities and have an opportunity for input through email at, through their constituent representatives on the Committee or through the Committee Chair, and through campus meetings. This three tiered approach of planning by the Committee, vetting by the Steering Committee with input from the campus community will distill the most pertinent information and bring it forward for assessment and consideration for the Plan.

Ultimately, a new strategic plan will be written and presented to the University’s Board of Governors and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission for approval. It is anticipated that the plan will be drafted by June of 2014 and will be subsequently presented to the Board and the HEPC.

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