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Financial Aid Staff

Tammy Brown

Administrative Assistant Senior

Responsibilities:  Administer institution, athletic, foundation, state (WV - Promise, Higher Education Grant, Gear-up, HEAPS, etc.; other state awards) and outside grants and scholarships.  Coordinator for Vocational Rehabilitation and Americorps.  Counsel students and parents.

Deena Ritchie

Student Loan Officer

Responsibilities:  Manage loan programs (Stafford, PLUS, Perkins, Alternative). Conduct entrance and exit counseling. Award aid for summer terms, transient and study abroad students. Counsel students and parents.

Lisa Spencer

Senior Financial Aid Advisor

Responsibilities:  Review verification documentation and Veteran Affairs Coordinator. Determine return of aid for students that have withdrawn. Counsel students and parents.

Tammy Lilly

Administrative Assistant

Responsibilities: Provide customer service. Distribute forms and collect documents required to process financial aid (i.e. verification, professional judgment, etc.). Supervise student workers. Counsel students and parents.

Debbie Turner

Director of Financial Aid

Responsibilities: Manage financial aid programs and staff. Review financial aid appeals and professional judgment circumstances.


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Important CU Codes: Fafsa 003810 - Act 4516 - SAT 5120