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Beckley Program: Concord University’s commitment to community has long extended well beyond the confines of its home campus in Athens. Over the years the Beckley-Raleigh County area has become the focus of Concord’s growing off-campus program. What began in the mid-1970s as a modest effort to deliver business classes to Beckley has blossomed since then into an ambitious program that features a full-service off-campus center in Beckley and a student enrollment that averages 600 per semester. Courses for business majors with concentrations in accounting, management, and marketing are offered. Concord’s program in Beckley includes many courses toward the completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in social work, selected classes in teacher education, and the full range of general studies courses designed to support these and Concord’s other degree programs. Besides business concentrations in accounting, management, and marketing, Concord’s program in Beckley features the BS degree in social work, selected classes in teacher education, and the full range of general studies courses designed to support these and Concord’s other degree programs.

With significant support from Concord’s Athens campus, the Beckley Center provides a variety of support services tailored to the needs of the adult and part-time student. These include financial aid assistance, counseling, career education and job placement services, academic advising, tutoring, textbook buyback, placement testing and registration services, scholarship support and work study opportunities, and the counsel of talented and dedicated instructors.

Concord University in Beckley is now in the new, state-of-the-art Erma Byrd Higher Education Center on I-64 in Beaver. The new facility houses two other public institutions besides Concord. Equipped with the latest in cutting edge communications and instructional technology, the Center promises an economic new day for the region and an educational experience second to none for its people and for area employers.

For Concord University the collaborative and partnership opportunities presented under one roof promise substantial program expansion and innovation in coming semesters. Besides graduate education and prospective delivery of additional undergraduate programs to Beckley, these include development of credit and non-credit classes for specific employers and constituencies, and academic and related services tailored to the needs of business, working professionals, nonprofit agencies, local government, and other groups in the region.

For Concord students the prospects for career exploration, ease of credit transfer, flexibility in financial aid, and creativity in curriculum development are enhanced by the proximity of in-house institutional partners. All Concord classes completed off-campus qualify as resident credit for Concord students and satisfy the Standards for Assuring Quality in Off-Campus Credit Instruction, as approved by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. These Standards mandate uniformity on campus and off in admissions, assessment, student placement, quality of instruction, and expectations on student performance. On campus and off, the Concord University experience remains something very special.

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