Advisory Councils

The Division of Business has incorporated two advisory groups to assist the Division in a consultation position in achieving the Division’s mission and goals. The Business Advisory and Student Business Advisory Councils were both formed in 2006.

Business Advisory Council

The Division’s Business Advisory Council (BAC) offers a wealth of business experience that assists the Division in the execution of our mission and goals. The Council provides consultation advice for the continuous improvement of programs and curriculum and helps keep the faculty informed of new business trends and practices. The Council also helps students identify internship and career opportunities and works with students providing career planning advice.

Mission Statement

The Business Advisory Council will serve as a source of external feedback, advice and ideas to help achieve the mission and goals of the business division.


The work that the council expects to impact may be broken down into three targeted areas:

Business Division Goals

  1. AACSB accreditation
  2. Faculty hiring
  3. Financial stability
  4. Endowed chair
  5. Technological competitiveness
  6. “School” of Business
  7. Executives in residence
  8. ID speakers
  9. Recognition awards
  10. Graduate Program

Student Goals

  1. Scholarships
  2. Tutors and tutoring
  3. Internships
  4. Educational travel
  5. Jobs
  6. Professional development

Business Community Goals/Needs

  1. Competent interns
  2. Technically savvy workforce
  3. Employees who add value

Council Strategy

The strategy of the business advisory council is to assist the Chair of the business division in planning for the growth, enhancement, and competitiveness of the Concord University Division of Business. The strategic plan will help the Division of Business:

  • Sustain and enhance competitiveness
  • Grow
  • Attract faculty and students
  • Become a center of excellence

Council Committees

The formation of committees can help us work on individual goals by area. The three areas of concentration are:

  1. Committee on student enhancement
  2. Committee on business division competitiveness
  3. Committee on business community needs

All members should be involved in a least one committee of particular interest to them. Frequency of meetings will be up to the committee, but should be no less than two per year.

Business Student Advisory Council

The Business Student Advisory Council (SBAC) provides on-going advice on student and academic issues and college operations to the Division of Business Chair.

“The mission of the Business Student Advisory Council is to provide student input and support to the Division of Business’ overall goal and mission.”

Because your voice matters…

The Business Student Advisory Council was implemented in the Fall of 2006 to provide the Division of Business faculty with input from a very important stakeholder group – our students! The Council’s purpose is to use your input and suggestions to make recommendations to the Division of Business faculty and staff about a variety of issues. Please feel free to speak with any of our council members. We would love to hear from you!