Communication Arts

The Communication Arts Department has concentrations in Broadcasting and Journalism, Public Relations, Speech Communication, and Theatre. The goal is to provide an education for technically sound, rhetorically competent, and ethically minded individuals for careers in communication fields throughout the United States and the World.

Communication Arts seeks to educate students not only in the finest traditions of Broadcasting and Journalism, Public Relations, and Theatre,  but also  to prepare them for the ever-changing information age. This happens both within and beyond the classroom, developing and applying the creative, aesthetic, theoretical, and technical skills essential to all forms of multimedia communication. 

Courses and programs in Communication Arts (COMM) are designed to enable students to become more effective communicators . The program allows students to study concepts and theories in the classroom and provides opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in their area of interest. Students studying Communication Arts may pursue a BA in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Broadcasting and Journalism, Public RelationsSpeech Communication, or Theatre. Minors in Communication Arts are available for those seeking a degree in another discipline.

Communication Studies courses provides the students with knowledge in theory and communication skills essential for active participation and leadership in interpersonal, small group, and public contexts. Students will become more effective communicators and are able to confidently express their ideas and critically assess information presented to them.