Types of Financial Aid



Concord University Scholarships

Concord University is committed to assisting you in meeting the financial challenge of paying for your education.  Students need to simply complete their admission’s application to be considered for a merit scholarship.  These scholarships are renewable for all four years of full-time enrollment provided the student maintains a minimum 2.5 cumulative Concord University GPA.  In addition, student’s receiving a Residential Scholarship must reside on campus. Scholarships are awarded in the Fall semester of each academic year and are divided equally between Fall and Spring semesters.

Transfer Scholarships

Merit: $1,000 (Renewable) - 2.75 transferable college or university cumulative GPA

Virginia Community College: $4,000 (Renewable) - 2.75 transferrable GPA and an Associate's degree from any Virginia Community College.  Does not combine with International Student Merit Scholarships.  

International Student Scholarships

Please click here for international student scholarships information.

Additional Scholarships

Boy's and Girl's State: $500 (Non-renewable) - Recipient must of have attended his or her state's American Legion Boy's or Girl's State camp

Performing Arts: Amount varies - Recipient participating in the Concord University Fine Arts Programs including instrumental, vocal and theater (contact the Division of Fine Arts - open to all majors). Recipient must maintain good academic standing for renewal

Hugh O'Brian Scholarshp: $500 (Non-renewable) - Recipient must have attended the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation camp

Legacy Scholarship: $1,000 (Non-renewable) - Recipient must be a dependent of a Concord University graduate and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and ACT (18) or SAT (950/870 old).  Transfer recipient must have a 2.75 transferable college or university cumulative GPA


Recipients must maintain full-time enrollment (12 hrs or more)

and maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative Concord University GPA.

Scholarship opportunities requiring separate application:

Beckley Area Foundation (Raleigh County undergraduate, incoming and returning students may apply)

Bonner Scholars Program (Current and incoming students may apply)

Concord University Foundation (All incoming and current students may apply)

Division of Social Sciences Scholarship (Current students may apply)

Division of Education Scholarship (Current students may apply)

Tuition Reduction Program (Incoming students may apply)