The Master of Arts (MA) in Health Promotion is a 33 credit hour online program that will prepare highly trained health educators to meet the health needs of our society in a variety of work settings, including community and public health agencies, worksite health promotion programs, schools, and other health organizations. This program is designed for professionals who want to enhance their skills in promoting health strategies that will lead to improved disease prevention. The MA in Health Promotion Program is appropriate for those with undergraduate degrees in a variety of areas including health education, health promotion, public health, sociology, psychology, allied health fields, and environmental health studies. Potential students must be proficient in computer literacy and writing skills, be a self-directed learner, possess leadership skills, enjoy working with people, and have a passion for health for themselves and others.

MAHP Handbook
Graduation Requirements


The Master of Arts in Health Promotion was designed to be completed in two (2) academic years by adhering to the following course rotation sequence:


HLTH 500 – Foundations, 3hrs.
HLTH 510 – PA, N & Obesity, 3 hrs.

HLTH 520 – Program Planning/Evaluation, 3 hrs.
HLTH 540 – Epidemiology in Health, 3 hrs.
HLTH 550 – Trends/Issues, 3hrs.

HLTH 530 – Interventions I: School-aged Children, 3 hrs.
HLTH 535 – Interventions II: Specific Populations, 3 hrs.

HLTH 515 – Advanced Content, 3 hrs.
HLTH 525 – Research in the Health Sciences, 3 hrs.

HLTH 560 – Health Practicum, 6 hrs
TOTAL 33 hrs.

Online Format

The online delivery system allows for greater access to individuals in West Virginia and the region. The program emphasizes primary prevention and the empowerment of communities to address their own health and social needs in ways that can improve the health status of the greater community and reduce health care costs. Students are introduced to the unique opportunity they have as health professionals to effect individuals’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to health issues, and are trained in health promotion strategies and interventions to impact individuals and communities. Students who graduate from the program will be prepared and qualified to take the Certified Health Education Specialist examination in order to obtain the CHES credential. The CHES designation is an indication of professional competency and commitment to ongoing professional growth and development (through the CHES CEU process). CHES exam eligibility is based solely on academic qualifications. To be eligible for the CHES examination, an individual must hold a bachelors, masters, or doctorate (from an accredited institution of higher education) in the field of health education and/or health promotion.

Tuition & Fees:

In-State: $326 per credit hour
Out-of-State: $572 per credit hour

Inquiries about student loans for graduate students should be directed to the Financial Aid Office:
Concord University
P.O. Box 1000
Athens, WV 24712
or call (304) 384-6069