About Reflexes

Reflexes was originally founded as a literary magazine on the Campus of Concord University, for students to share their literary merits with others. Due to money issues and other problems, Reflexes sadly had to be shut down, no longer giving students the opportunity to share their skills.

However, in the Fall of 2014, some students decided that Concord University is still filled with creative minds that need an outlet for their thoughts and designs.  

Reflexes is no longer a magazine for literature alone. Reflexes is now a magazine for the arts, for all of the arts.  

Reflexes is in the process of starting back up once again, in order to begin taking submissions sometime in the Fall of 2016. The Reflexes team is hard at work getting everything ready to accept literary, music, and art submissions of various kinds. 

We believe in showcasing all art, not just conventional art.   This means that Reflexes is an extremely diverse magazine, and that art of all kind can be found here.  But this doesn't mean that we'll take just anything.  Any work that appears on the Reflexes website will go through a submission process, in which a team of dedicated Concord Students will go through a process to decide whether the work is to be displayed on the site.  To learn more information about this process, click on the "How to Submit" Tab.

This Reflexes is still a new project, and because of that we are still learning.  If you have any suggestions, or would like to know more about helping the magazine grow, please click on the "Contact" tab.