English as a Second Language

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Concord University offers ESL during the academic year- first semester (August-December) -second semester (January-May) and summer term- (June-August) of any given year. Students receive instruction in reading, writing, and speaking English as well as TOEFL preparation. Institutional TOEFL tests are given at mid-term and at the end of the program.

Once the student has achieved a score of 500 on the institutional TOEFL, the COMPASS test is given, (if applicable) and the student is placed into the regular degree program. The initial I-20 is issued for a 5 year period with conditions. (Conditions are as follows: successful completion of the ESL program and SAT test scores of 870 (math and verbal combination), or if applicable, the COMPASS test for those students not having an SAT score to submit for placement in the regular degree program) The student must successfully receive a score of 500, or higher, on the institutional TOEFL, and have an SAT score on file with the required score or take the COMPASS test given at Concord University to enter into the undergraduate program.

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