International Student Scholarships

At Concord University we base our scholarship decisions on a student’s academic ability and SAT or ACT test score. Criteria for or 2015-2016 scholarships are listed below. All applicants are reviewed for academic scholarship during the admission process.

All students seeking to be considered as a candidate for an international scholarship must submit a completed application for admission by November 1st (Spring) or March 1st (Fall). Limited amount of scholarships are available, and Concord University reserves the right to close the scholarship window earlier if funds have been claimed.

Third party scholarships are an option for students looking for additional funding. Some resources you may find valuable are EducationUSA or

Available Scholarships

International Academic Award (Renewable 4 years) $3,000
GPA: 2.75 - 4.0*
ACT 18-20 or SAT 870-950**

International Achievement Award (Renewable 4 years) $4,000
GPA: 3.0 - 4.0*
ACT 21-24 or SAT 960-1130**

Global Scholar Award *** (Renewable 4 years) $6,000
GPA: 3.0 - 4.0*
ACT 25-36 or SAT 1140-1600**

International Student Leadership Contest *** (Renewable 4 years) $12,500
Separate Application Required
GPA: 3.0 - 4.0*
ACT 21-36, SAT 960-1600**

Student must enter scholarship contest, demonstrate leadership or community service and pass a series of interviews. Scholarship winners are decided by a group of Concord Peers. Only 4 scholarships awarded per year.

International Transfer Student Scholarship (Renewable 3 years) $3,000
GPA: 2.75-4.0
Minimum1 year of U.S. university coursework – no ESL

International Transfer Distinction Award (Renewable 3 years) $5,000
GPA: 3.5 – 4.0
Minimum of 1 year of U.S. university coursework – no ESL

*An International student's U.S. GPA equivalent is determined by International admission committee.
**The SAT scores referenced are combined Math and Critical Reading.
***Students must live on campus and maintain a 3.0 to keep the award.

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