Quick Facts

Fall 2015 Data, unless otherwise noted.

Final Enrollment*
(Undergraduate / Graduate)*

(Undergraduate / Graduate)

Graduation Rate**

Retention Rate**
Fall 2014 to Fall 2015

(2,134 / 362)

(2,066 / 193)


First-time Freshman

Student to Faculty Ratio*

Top Degrees Conferred
May, 2015

Enrollment by Racial/Ethnic Category**


  • Regents Bachelor of Arts
  • Business Administration
  • Masters Education
  • Masters of Arts Health Promotion
  • Education/Secondary

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  • Nonresident Aliens (92)
  • Hispanic/Latino (23)
  • Black or African American (150)
  • White (1,834)
  • American Indian or Alaska Native (11)
  • Asian (22)
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (3)
* Based on data submitted to WVHEPC
** Based on data submitted to IPEDS
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Data Requests

Faculty & Staff should use the internal Work Order system (http://workorder.concord.edu) to submit data requests.  Any other data requests will be fulfilled beginning with the completion of this online form.

Common Data Set

External Resources

For additional data, such as student loan default rates, please refer to the following external resources:


Student Right-To-Know Information

The Student Right-to-Know Act requires Title IV institutions to post graduation and retention rates of all full time students who enter the institution. This data is for prospective students, their families, and others to view.

The link below provides the required information from the IPEDS database for Concord University regarding admissions, enrollment, financial aid, graduation, and awards and degrees conferred. Data is for cohorts composed of full-time degree-seeking students.

Please also refer to the following link which contains Concord University's Scorecard from the U.S. Department of Education.