Business Division Presentations On Line for Extra Credit

Follow these procedures for viewing business symposia on line and getting credit.

  1. Select a symposium from the list.  It must be a Business Division symposium for business division credit.
  2. View the presentation. You must use the internet explorer browser and windows media player 9 or higher to view webcasts.
  3. Prepare a one-page report, using the instructions here.
  4. To obtain one-point credit for each of your classes with Dr. Linn, print your one-page report and give it to Dr. Linn.
  5. To obtain business division credit to satisfy your graduation requirements, submit your report electronically using the instructions here.

IMPORTANT!  Extra credit from Dr. Linn is not equivalent to Business Division credit!  To get both, you must do BOTH step 4 and step 5, or you must attend the symposium in person.