Concord University’s New Certificate in Tourism Management

The tourism industry in West Virginia employs over 44,000 people and the industry has been growing by an average of 5.4% over the past ten years. The growth of the industry requires a pool of trained employees. Finding appropriately trained supervisory staff is an issue for many tourism businesses and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics say the industry is seeking higher levels of professionalism among staff. The outlook for jobs in the field is projected to grow by 8% between 2010 and 2020.

Concord University’s new Certificate in Tourism Management program will provide one semester’s worth of university education geared toward the management and supervision of tourism businesses.

This program is designed for-
1. People who have a job in the tourism industry without having completed a Bachelors degree.
2. People who have a job in the tourism industry but have completed a Bachelor’s degree in a field that did not prepare them for managerial or supervisory positions in the industry.

Courses: The certificate programs requires the completion of five courses:

RTM 105 Introduction to Tourism Management (available Spring, summer and Fall semesters)
RTM 309 Hospitality Management (available Fall semesters)
RTM 315 Service Industry Management (available Fall semesters)
RTM 328 Maintenance & Design of Recreation Facilities (available Spring semesters)
RTM 415 Meeting, Convention & Special Event Planning (available Spring semesters)

Cost: There is a special tuition rate of $500.00 per course for participants in the Certificate program.
(There may be additional costs for books and course materials.)

For more information about the Certificate in Tourism Management contact:
Dr. Roy Ramthun
(304) 384-5263

To enroll go to: website/page url

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