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Resident Hall Services:


All residence halls contain at least one kitchen with a sink and stove. Residents are encouraged not to leave food unattended and are required to clean the area after each use.


Each residence hall contains laundry facilities. The coin operated laundry machines are owned and serviced by a private vendor. Ironing boards are provided in specific areas of North Tower (2nd and 7th floor east wings) and Wilson (all floors) residence halls. Ironing is also permitted in the foyer area of each Tower suite. When not in use, irons should be unplugged from outlets as they pose a fire hazard.

Study Lounges

In accordance with Concord's commitment to excellence in education, study lounges are maintained in each residence hall. Many study areas are equipped with direct fiber optic Internet access suitable for lap top computer use.

Main Desk Services

Each residence hall has items that can be borrowed by resident students by temporarily leaving a validated Concord University ID with the student employee hired to work the main desk area. Some commodities routinely available are:

  • vacuum cleaner/brooms
  • DVD Player
  • Pool and ping pong equipment
  • pots and pans
  • (this list is by no means inclusive)

Main desk locations operate at various times throughout day and evening hours; however, all residence hall Main Desk are always open between 7:00 p.m. and midnight, daily.
Main desk telephone numbers are:

  • North Towers – 5132
  • South Towers – 5133
  • Wilson Hall – 5136
  • Sarvay Hall – 6200
  • Wooddell Hall - 5135.

Pay Telephones, Vending and Ice Machines

Pay telephones are available in the lobby of each residence hall. Coins or calling cards may be used at these pay telephone sites.

Each residence hall has vending machines which supply food, beverage and pharmaceutical supplies (limited) are available for student convenience. The vending apparatuses are owned and serviced by local private vendors. In addition, each residence hall contains its own ice making machine.

In-Hall Tutoring

Comprehensive tutoring services are available in designated areas of the Residence Halls. Times and locations are posted at the residence hall main desks.

Pest Control Prevention Services

Believing that prevention is the most important aspect of pest control, Concord University has shaped a proactive plan to combat unwanted pests. Each residence hall room is treated by a professional exterminator on a regular basis. Preventative pest control measures coupled with good housekeeping, by both professional staff and resident students, is essential to minimizing problems associated with unwanted pests.


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