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There are many excellent websites to assist with your success in college.  The links below are some of our favorites:

  • Blackboard Student Guide
  • CashCourse -- Finances: CashCourse can help you understand and plan a budget and your expenses. Almost every college student has financial issues at one time; CashCourse can help!
  • College math assistance and quizzes – Online Math Tests and The Math Drills Homepage
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing – a comprehensive grammar and composition assistance site, with interactive quizzes
  • How to Study – a compendium of webistes for general study tips and subject-specific assistance (look under the Resources link on the howtostudy website)
  • Mental Health Issues – an online resource specifically for college students regarding mental health concerns
  • The OWL at Purdue – an excellent site for assistance with grammar, college writing, and using proper citations (APA and MLA); grammar exercises; podcasts; discipline-specific writing tips, and more
  • Quizlet – free online flashcards and fun games to learn the flashcard material. Use ready-made flashcards on many subjects or develop your own. You can share your cards with your friends/study group. You can even connect with Facebook.
  • Study Skills Assistance – online “workshops” for college study skills and downloadable handouts on study skills topics

Please suggest additional sites or services by contacting us.

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