Counseling Center

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse continues to be a growing issue among college students, and several negative consequences exist. Substance use and abuse is a serious danger to one's health, life, and future. Not only does drug and alcohol abuse interfere greatly with school, work, and relationships, substance abuse also causes uncomfortable to severe side effects and can lead to a life of addiction. Knowing the warning signs of substance use could help save others from these dangers.

  • changes in appetite
  • changes in sleep habits
  • unexplained financial problems
  • bloodshot eyes
  • lethargic or "spaced out" behavior
  • sudden mood swings, including severe agitation
  • sudden change in hobbies or friends
  • suspicious behaviors
  • tremors or slurred speech

Remember, if you or someone you know is in danger, please call 911 immediately.

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