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Aquatics Facility

General Information

The Concord University Aquatics Facility, located in the Carter Center, consists of an olympic size heated indoor swimming pool. The pool is available to the campus community and is also open to the public. The pool is available for reservation by campus organizations and faculty for aquatics courses, training, and other events and activities. The pool is also available for rental by the public. For information concerning pool reservation and rental availability and fees, please contact the Campus Recreation and Wellness Coordinator.

Normal Hours of Operation

The Pool is open:

  • Sunday: 2:00 pm till 9:00 pm
  • Monday through Friday: 2:00 pm till 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 1:00 pm till 7:00 pm

Summer Hours:

  • Monday through Friday: 12:00 noon till 6:00 pm
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday

Note – The hours listed above are subject to change. Please visit our Facebook Group “Concord University Recreation & Wellness” for the most current information including current hours, delays and closings due to Inclement Weather or Holidays, and adjusted hours due to group events, classes, swim team events, and private parties.


  • Anyone from the campus community must show a valid campus ID to the Lifeguard(s) on duty prior to entering the pool.
  • Anyone from the outside community must fill out and sign a waiver, obtain a guest pass, and pay the fee prior to entering the pool. Waivers can be obtained from the Lifeguard or the Campus Recreation and Wellness Coordinator. Once a guest pass is obtained, all returning guests must present their guest pass and pay the fee prior to entering the pool.
  • General supervision of the facility shall be the responsibility of the Department of Campus recreation and Wellness, it’s staff members, and student representatives. Specific supervision for all programmed activities shall rest on the responsible instructor, coach, coordinator, or supervisor.
  • Possession or consumption of drugs and/or alcoholic beverages, including public intoxication is prohibited.
  • Smoking and use of chewing tobacco is prohibited.
  • All Pool rules must be observed by all patrons. The Lifeguard(s) on duty has the ultimate authority, with the exception of the Campus Coordinator of Recreation and Wellness, to enforce the pool rules and the facility policies.

Pool Rules

Aquatics personnel firmly, fairly and consistently enforce the pool rules at all times. Aquatics personnel should memorize the pool and ensure that all staff and patrons comply with all of the rules. Aquatics personnel may be called upon to explain the reason for the rules to patrons. When patrons still have concerns about the rules, the patron can be referred to the Campus Recreation and Wellness Coordinator.

  • No swimmers are allowed in the pool unless there are 2 lifeguards on duty and the pool is scheduled to be open to the public.
  • The lifeguard is in complete authority, must be obeyed at all times, and has the authority to suspend individuals or organizations from the pool area. A patron will be verbally warned for the first offense; the patron will be asked to leave the pool facility if a second offense occurs.
  • Walk; don’t run in and around the pool facility.
  • Appropriate swimming attire is required. No cut-offs permitted in the pool.
  • Remove all band aids, hairpins, etc. before entering the pool.
  • No persons will be permitted to swim having skin lesions, discharges, sores, inflamed eyes, mouth, nose, or ear discharges, colds or coughs.
  • All persons must shower before entering the pool.
  • Children under seven years old less than four feet tall must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person, in a swim suit, at all times including in the water, on the deck, and in the restroom. While in the water, the parent or responsible person must remain within arms reach of the child.
  • Children who are not toilet trained and less than four years old will be allowed in the pool only if they wear a swimsuit diaper or plastic pants and swim suit. Cloth or disposable diapers are not acceptable.
  • Animals are not allowed in the building or pool area, with the exception of guide dogs. Guide dogs are allowed on the deck, but not in the water.
  • Toys, floatation devices, snorkels and masks are not allowed unless part of an organized class or activity and US Coast Guard approved. Use of all flotation devices must be approved by the Lifeguard on duty or the Recreation and Wellness Coordinator.
  • No one should engage the Lifeguard in unnecessary conversation.
  • Weak or non-swimmers must remain in shallow water no deeper than chest level.
  • Diving in water less than nine feet deep, back dives, somersaults, “cannon balls” from the side of the pool or any other unsafe activities are not permitted. Diving is only allowed in the deepest end of the pool.
  • No one may sit or lie within 3 feet of the edge of the pool. Observers may sit in designated areas only.
  • Spitting, spouting or nose-blowing in the pool is strictly prohibited.
  • No rough play, shoving, or general horseplay.
  • Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated.
Last updated on May 22, 2014. Originally created on Jul 31, 2012. Report incorrect information.