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Jean & Jerry L. Beasley Student Center

The primary purpose of the Student Center Office and Student Activities is to compliment the academic program and enhance the overall educational experience of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in social, intellectual, recreational, and governance programs. Located in the Jean & Jerry L. Beasley Student Center, these offices serve the students in a very important role.

The areas of the Main Desk/Switchboard, Student Center Office, Charles Marshall Post Office, and the Student Center Game Room make up the Jerry L. Beasley Student Center’s workforce.

welcome center


Main Desk-Switchboard Operator

Special Events Assistant

Hill, Lynnis
Administrative Assistant

Student Center Director / Student Activities Coordinator

Postal Clerk

Griffith, Debbie
Program Assistant I

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Main Desk

The Switchboard/Main Desk Office is the official location for the campus-wide telephone system. Here phone calls are received and disbursed to the offices or individuals upon request. Callers may dial the office or individual directly if they know the number or they can call (304) 384-3115 and their call will be answered by the staff at the Main Desk. Also available here is a check cashing service. Personal checks for no more than $10.00 can be cashed with the proper identification. The Main Desk has the very important function of serving as the Identification Card station where students, faculty, administration, and staff get their photos taken. The first photo is free but replacements cost $25.00.

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