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Charles Marshall Post Office

The Charles Marshall Post Office is a full-service mail office with the exception of money orders.

Money Orders

Unfortunately, The Charles Marshall Post Office does not handle money orders.

  • We don't sell money orders.
  • We don't buy money orders.
  • We don't accept money orders as payment.
  • We accept cash only for your purchases.

P.O. Boxes

Post Office Boxes

To set up your mail box here at Concord University, just stop by the The Charles Marshall Post Office located in the student center. Keep these points in mind:

  • We do not accept payment for mail boxes at the Post Office.
  • The fee for your mail box comes through the business office.
  • You will keep the same mail box for your entire stay at Concord University.
  • Please check your mail at least every other week.
  • Unchecked mail boxes will be closed.
  • Please learn and remember your mail box combination.
  • Federal postal regulations prohibit the repeated handling of mail over the counter.
  • If you recieve a package too big to fit in your mail box, we will leave a slip in your mail box.
  • Bring the slip to the window where you will have to sign for your package.

UPS and FedEX

Where's the package you were expecting from UPS? It's not at the The Charles Marshall Post Office (at least not right away). UPS and FedEx packages do not arrive at The Charles Marshall Post Office; They go through a different process.

  1. Hundreds or thousands of UPS and FedEX packages arrive at the receiving station located at the Maintenance Building.
  2. These packages are sorted and documented
    • Students in a hurry may inquire about their UPS and FedEX packages at the Maintenance Building, not at The Charles Marshall Post Office during this stage.
    • Patient students may opt to wait to receive a slip in their mail boxes
  3. After sorting and documentation, UPS and FedEX packages will be brought from the Maintenance Building to The Charles Marshall Post Office.
  4. You will receive a package slip when the mail office takes delivery of the packages.



8:00 AM - 3:45 PM Monday - Friday.
Mail runs at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM

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