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Employment Information

The employment forms below must be returned to the Student Payroll Office in Marsh Hall Room 219 within 3 working days of being hired, and before beginning work.

  • Student Employee Handbook (pdf)
    • Student must sign the Statement of Confidentiality Form
    • Student must sign the Acknowledgement Sign

The Student Payroll Office cannot process time sheets until all paperwork is complete.

Address Changes

Visit the Student Payroll Office to complete new tax forms to correct the address in the Student Payroll System. A separate request should be made to the Registrar’s Office to change an address in the student academic record system.

Changing Jobs

Please notify the Student Payroll Office of any change in jobs to ensure that the information is changed in the time clock system. This will eliminate any delay in processing time sheets. If changing jobs, please complete the student employment application only and submit to Student Payroll Office before beginning the new job.

Multiple Jobs

A student who has multiple jobs must complete a student employment application for each job. When the application is complete, the Student Payroll Office will provide a separate job number for each job. The student will also be shown how to use the job number in the time clock system.

International Students

The Internal Revenue Service requires that international students, who wish to be considered for tax exemption, complete Form 8233 each calendar year and submit the Form 8233 to the Student Payroll Office. This form can be found on the Internal Revenue’s website ( Publication 901 details the countries with an existing tax treaty with the United States. Tax treaties offer a reduced rate, or possibly a complete exemption, from United States income tax withholding for residents of a particular country.

Time Clock

Student Employee
If the time clock is not working properly, please inform your supervisor.

Please contact the Student Payroll Office when the time clock is not working.

Supervisors are required to maintain controls that ensure the verification of student working hours and the appropriate use of the time clock system.

Time Card and Pay Schedule

Pay Schedule (pdf)


Please let us know how we may be of further assistance. Please contact:

Andrea Webb
Business Manager I

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