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Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Technology Services answers many questions asked by the Concord community on a daily basis and has derived this list of frequently asked questions to provide easy access to common solutions.  If you cannot find a solution to your problem here, please contact the Help Desk or suggest an update to the Knowledge Base.

1.  MyCU Account

1.1 - How do I get a MyCU account?

Your MyCU account is automatically generated when you are accepted at the University. You can look your username and password up online by going to the MyCU login page and selecting the “What’s my Concord ID” link. This link will show you your username, id# (which is your default password), and your full email address.

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1.2 - How do I change my MyCU password?

If you just want to change your password and know what your current one is, simply log in to your account and hit the “My Account” link located at the top, under the Bell Tower. The first option you will see is the change password one. You will enter your current password in the first field, then enter a new one in the next two fields, finally you will hit “save changes”. You have now changed your password.

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1.3 - What if I forget my MyCU password?

You will be prompted to change your MyCU password at the second login attempt. The first login is when you will set up your hint questions/answers for future password resets. Once you set up these questions, you may reset your own password at any time from the login screen by entering your username then hitting the” forgot password” link. If you answer all of the questions correctly, then you will be prompted to change your password.

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1.4- How do I find my advisor?

To find your advisor, simply log into MyCU and go to your STUDENT TAB. You will see a link that reads, “View Student Information”. Select the term that you are inquiring about and hit submit. Your General Student Record will be returned, which contains information about your advisor.

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1.5- How do I register for classes?

To register for classes, simply log into MyCU and go to your STUDENT TAB; locate the box titled, REGISTRATION TOOLS. Next you will select the link to ADD or DROP CLASSES, and select the term that you are registering for. At this point you will be asked to enter your ALTERNATE PIN, which you will get from your Academic Advisor when you meet with him/her to create your schedule. Once you have entered this pin, a form will be displayed for you to enter the CRN of each course that you are registering for. When you are done entering each one, you will hit ADD. If for any reason you get an error message stating that you can’t register for a class, you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office to see if there is some type of criteria that you need to meet to be eligible for that particular course.


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1.6- How do I view my schedule online?

To view your schedule online, simply log into MyCU and go to your STUDENT TAB.  You will see a link that says, “My Schedule”.  After clicking this link, select the term that you are inquiring about and hit submit.  Your detailed schedule will be displayed.

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1.8- How do I view my Academic Transcript?

To view your unofficial Academic Transcript, just log into your MyCU account and go to your STUDENT TAB.  Under the INFORMATION section, you will see a link titled, ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT.  On the next screen you will leave the defaulted criteria and hit submit.  ****Please note that this page does not have “Print” button, so if you need a printed version, you will have to do a select all from the browser tools, copy then paste the page into a Microsoft Word.

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1.9- What if I can log into MyCU, but when trying to view information under my student tab I am prompted to log into the system again?

Once inside of MyCU, you should never be prompted to log in again when trying to view information under the student tab.  If this happens to you, please make sure that you are not using a satellite internet provider to receive your internet access. Satellite ISP’s are not fast enough when trying to access our secure database, therefore they cause your account to timeout prompting you to re-login; however, the system will not pass your login information through, and you will not be able to view this information.  The only solution is to access your account from a different type of ISP.  If this is not the problem for you, then please contact our IT Help Desk for further assistance.

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2.  Concord Email


2.1- How do I access my CU email account?

Your Concord University email account can be found by logging into your MyCU account and clicking on the blue email icon in the upper right corner of the screen.  If this is the first time that you are logging into the account, you will be asked to select your time zone.

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2.2- How do I sync my CU email account to my smartphone?

You may sync your account to any smartphone.  If you go to you will find a link at the bottom of the page where you will select the type of phone that you have.  Please note that there are two links, one for Android users, and one for all the rest, including iPhones.  In order to get the correct server information, you will need to log into your Email account through MyCU and click on the help icon, then select ABOUT; if you scroll to the bottom you will find information for External IMAP settings.  If you have difficulty with this process, please contact our IT Help Desk, or stop by our office in RH 301, and we will be happy to assist you.

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2.3- How do I setup my account on Outlook?

For instructions on how to setup Outlook, please go to and scroll down to the appropriate links. 

Revisions to this section are coming soon due to the upgrade to Live@EduCheck out our Live@Edu page for more information.

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2.5 - What should I do if I think my email account has been compromised?

It is your responsibility to keep your username and passwords confidential; our Email Policies can be found by going to E-Mail Policy and Procedures.  If you ever suspect that your account has been compromised, please contact the IT Help Desk as soon as possible.

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2.7 - Can I keep my CU email after I leave or finish school?

Concord University Alumni are allowed to keep their CU email accounts for as long as they like. If you leave the school without receiving your diploma, your account will be deleted.

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2.8 - What if I get married and my last name changes?

If your last name changes and you would like to request a new email account, please contact the Help Desk. We will allow you to receive a new email address with your new name, however, the old account will be deleted after 7 days.

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3.  Blackboard

3.1 - How do I log into my Blackboard account?

To log into your Blackboard account, go to and enter the same username that have been assigned for MyCU. Your password is defaulted to your CU Id number. If you do not know this number, a link has been provided to our Account Information Lookup page.

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3.2 - How do I change my password?

Please note that Blackboard 9.1 does not prompt you to change your password at any time. In order to make this change, you will need to log into your account and select the PERSONAL INFORMATION link located under the Tools box. The second option down will be to change your password.

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3.3 - What if I forget my Blackboard password?


If you forget your password, hit the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link on the main login page. You will be asked to enter your First Name, Last Name, and either Username or Email address associated with the account (this is ALWAYS your CU email account). Once you hit submit, you will be emailed a link that takes you to the Change Password page.

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3.4 - What if I can’t see my class when I log into Blackboard?

Instructors are responsible for enrolling their students into Blackboard. If you log into your account and do not see a course that you feel should be there, please contact your professor for assistance. If they are unable to get you enrolled, then they can contact the help desk for assistance.

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3.5- What if I can’t access material for my class?

Please make sure that you have java installed on your computer. Also, you may try using a different internet browser to make sure that your browser isn’t blocking the file. If these do not solve the problem, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance. You may also want to contact your instructor to make sure that there isn’t a problem with the assignment.


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3.6- How do I check my email through Blackboard 9.1?
Unlike the old versions of Blackboard, v9.1 doesn’t have an email client built into the system. Instead, it is setup to only send email out to users within the system, but does not receive email in. If you need to email your instructor or classmates, you can do that within Blackboard however, you will need to monitor your CU email account for any emails that are being sent to you from your instructors or classmates.

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4.  Lab Computers

4.1 - What information do I use when logging into a lab computer?

You log into a lab computer on campus with the same information that you use for MyCU. Please note: If you change your password on MyCU, it changes for lab computers as well; the accounts are tied together.

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4.2 - What should I do if I can’t save to the ‘my documents’ folder on a lab computer?

If you cannot save to your “My Documents” folder, please contact the help desk.

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4.3 - What happens if I can’t get logged into the computer with my information, but I know that it is correct?

If you are in a lab and are trying to log into a computer, but it won’t accept your login information, simply shutdown the computer and allow it to reboot. If after the reboot, it still will not accept your log in information, please contact the help desk.

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5.  Housing Technology

5.1 - Is there wireless access on campus and in my dorm room?

Wireless access is available in all Campus buildings. In the dorms, wireless access is available in the lounge areas, but not in the dorm rooms themselves.

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5.2 - What if the internet in my room isn’t working?

If your internet in your room isn’t working, please contact your RA, RD, or the housing office. There is an IT Technician that works for housing who will be contacted with your problem.

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5.3 - My internet jack is hanging out of the wall, who do I call?

Contact the housing office and they will notify the housing IT Technician, who will then come by your room and repair your jack.

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5.4 - I want to connect my gaming station to the network, how do I do this?

Contact your RA, RD, or the housing office and the IT Technician will be notified of your request to set up your gaming system.

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5.5 - The internet is running very slowly, what should I do?

During times of high traffic, it is not unusual for the internet to slow down. Please remember that all internet traffic that is academic in nature is given priority over recreational traffic; therefore, if you are trying to use Xbox Live or are trying to download music, you may notice that the internet is running slower for you than for your roommate who may be doing research for a class paper.

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6.  Software

6.1 - Does the University provide antivirus software to students?

We currently do not offer antivirus software to students.  We do however, recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials to hel keep your computer protected.  You can find a link to this software on our Software Downloads page.

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6.2 - Does the University offer Microsoft Office or other programs to students?

Concord University does not currently have a license to offer Microsoft Office to students. However, students may go to and select Concord University from the list of schools to receive a discount on Microsoft products as well as other software packages.

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7.  Hardware

7.1 - My personal computer or laptop won’t turn on, can someone there fix it for me?

We do not provide hardware support to students at this time. If your computer is still under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer for help. If it is not under warranty, you will need to take it to a computer shop for repairs.

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7.2 - What should I do if my computer gets infected with a virus and I cannot clean it up myself?

If your computer appears to be infected with a virus, you will need to run an antivirus scan and/or a malwarebytes scan to check for spyware. If this doesn’t help, then you will need to take it to a repair technician.

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8.  Library

8.1 - What databases can I access from home if I'm not on campus?
The following databases currently offer remote access :

  1. Infotrac
  2. Ebsco
  3. America's Newspapers
  4. JSTOR
  5. PsychInfo
  6. AtoZmaps

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8.2 - How do I log on to the databases which offer remote access from home?

Remote access requires a username/password combination which you can request from the library by phone or
stopping by the circulation desk to pick up a printed list with each database and username/password combo listed
above in question 8.1

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8.3 - Where do I log onto the library catalog?

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8.4 - What programs are installed on the library's computers for students to use?

Microsoft Office 2007 Word, Excel and Powerpoint are installed on all library computers.

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