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Web Services

Web Services are responsible for the maintenance and advancement of the University Website as well as providing the means for Concord's constituents to create a web presence.  The University Webmaster works with both Advancement and Technology Services to create a web presence that is functional and efficient as well achieving a high-quality aesthetic that adheres to University branding.

Our core website utilizes Drupal, an open-source, community-driven, Content Management System (CMS) that streamlines web page production and provides new technologies at no cost to the University.

Refer to the Website Publishing Procedure for more information

Website Accuracy

Content accuracy is managed by Website Representatives from each functional area on campus.  The representatives are asked to use their area expertise to review web content in their respective areas on a monthly basis.  Each representative is asked to submit a Web Request/Workorder when information needs to be updated as well as sign-off using the WEBBER system when their monthly duties have been completed.  Of course, any web update can be submitted at any time by someone from each area using the Web Request/Workorder system. 

Web Hosting

Web services provides hosting and Expression Web training resources for Students, Student Organizations, and Faculty.  The University has a license for Microsoft Expression Web that can be used to manage these sub sites, although any familiar HTML auditing program may be used.  

To request web space:

  1. Carefully review Concord's Acceptable Usage Computing Policy
  2. Download, complete, and mail back the Server Space Request Form (pdf)
  3. Allow a sufficient amount of time for us to activate your website.  Your website URL will be where userid will be the name you placed as a choice on the Server Space Request Form.
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