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ATHENS, W.V.a. – The Concord University Board of Governors announced a reduction in the university’s workforce following a meeting of the Board on Wednesday.

“Changes are necessary to align staffing with enrollment. We are at a point where we must make modifications to become more efficient and effectively carry out our mission,” said David Barnette, the Board of Governors Chair.

The Board determined the university’s financial condition required a reduction in personnel as well as operational changes. A decline in enrollment, insufficient revenues, lack of funding and the unforeseen costs related to COVID 19 all contributed to the adjustments.

“The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to preserve and protect the institution. Given our financial challenges brought on by enrollment declines plus the pandemic, we have to be proactive. No one knows exactly what we may be facing in the future but we do know we have to right-size to remain viable,” said Barnette.

The reduction in faculty and staff is less than 10 percent of the workforce with half the reduction being achieved through attrition.

“This administration is committed to Concord’s mission, and that is to provide a high quality education that meets the needs of this region. That is what we will continue to do,” said President Kendra Boggess.

Faculty and staff were notified about the changes by President Boggess through a video email following the Board meeting.

“”The current health crisis is unlike anything we have ever experienced in higher-ed. I am confident in Concord's ability to persevere and continue serving our community as we work our way through the challenges,”” said Boggess.


Persons with disabilities should contact Nancy Ellison, 1-304-384-6086 or 1-800-344-6679 extension 6086 if special assistance is required for access to an event scheduled by the University on campus.

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