Concord University alumni reflect on the past, and how has it shaped their future

by Matthew Yeager

Concord University has hosted many students over its century long history. These students have come and gone through the years, but fond memories of their time at “The Campus Wonderful” still holds strong feelings in their hearts. Two alumni of Concord University a Peyton Brown, and Jeff Yeager reflect on how their time was at Concord, and how it impacted their future career goals.

Peyton Brown was a third-generation student at Concord who graduated with a degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Public Relations in 2020. When reflecting on her time at Concord Peyton said, “Concord was one of the best experiences of my life. I have extremely fond memories of my undergraduate years, and I was very sad to leave whenever I graduated. There were some days that were harder than others during my 4 years at Concord, but I wouldn’t have traded even the worst day for anything else.”
Peyton’s experience helped bring her back to the university to participate in the graduate studies program. On how Concord helped Peyton in her career path she said, “Concord gave me the foundation that I needed to begin my career and life in general. I made meaningful connections on campus that will last a lifetime, got a top-notch education, and was very involved in multiple organizations while doing so. I feel as if my college experience could not have gone better, and overall, my undergraduate goals were absolutely achieved.”

Contrasting from the recently graduated Peyton Brown who is just beginning her post college career is Jeff Yeager.  Jeff Yeager was a second-generation student at Concord who was an English, and History major who graduated from Concord in 2010. Jeff now holds his Ph.D. in English and is a professor at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.

On his time at Concord Jeffrey said, “My time at Concord University was wonderful. I met friends that I still have to this day. Concord helped shape me intellectually as I had some of the best educators whom I still respect very much, and I am now a higher educator myself.”

Jeff credits his English education at Concord to being the reason he went on to pursue higher education.

Both Peyton’s, and Jeff’s experiences at Concord helped guide them on their path, and shaped them into who they are today. They accredit their educators and positive learning environment as a major attribute to their success. These are just two success stories in Concord’s storied history, and there is no doubt the campus beautiful will host many more success stories for years to come.


Students walking outside of the library at Concord University