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Concord University Alumni Association 

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CUAA Award Winners

Congratulations to the CUAA 2019 Award Winners!

Alumnus of the Year, Lisa Darlington '98
Young Alumnus, Adam Pauley '13
Outstanding Alumnus, Jeff Campbell '96, '08
Outstanding Alumnus, Meleah Fisher '94
Golden Alumnus, Rosalie Peck '63
Role of Alumni Chapters

Loyalty: To help alumni maintain contact with their Alma Mater and keep informed of its advances. Speakers and visitors from the campus help to accomplish this and an excellent opportunity is provided by an annual meeting to receive a report from University president or his representative. Concord students from your area can add much to these gatherings. The Alumni Office will provide help in this as well as all other phases of association operations.

Social: To see old and make new Concord friends at alumni gatherings, and to welcome and assist Concordians who are new in your community.

Student Promotion: To cultivate prospective students. Alumni can be the best representatives of Concord. Your club can recruit outstanding high school students and can assist the admissions office program in numerous ways.

Fund Support: To contribute a reasonable amount, regularly, to the financial support of the University. Additional support is the result in cities where there are active clubs with an enlightened alumni group. Fund support must be divorced, however, from social meetings and should normally be carried on as a separate project.

Official Hosts: To welcome Concordians to your community. These may be University representatives there on business, new alumni, and parents. They will appreciate meeting Concord Alumni and you will enjoy meeting them too. The University will appreciate help in arranging meetings with parents when the president is to be in the area.

Public Relations: To publicize the association activities in the local press so as to keep the name of the University before the community. Your association is in an excellent position to encourage good will, public acceptance and understanding of Concord.

Continuing Education: To develop some form of continuing education for members.

Support the Alumni Program: Alumni associations have many opportunities to support and encourage the alumni program of the University at the “grass-roots” level. This is done in numerous ways:

  • Supply current addresses and information on alumni
  • Encourage attendance at Alumni Day, Homecoming and other events on the campus.
  • Send representatives to alumni workshops on the campus or in the area
  • Help to organize other Alumni chapters.

Other: Worthwhile purpose will vary with individual chapters depending on local talent, interest, and needs.

History of The Concord University Alumni Association

The Concord University Alumni Association has long served graduates and friends of Concord.  Beginning on a summer evening in 1881, a group of Concord graduates of then Concord Normal School, gathered to begin an association.  The group gathered in order to “give mutual aid and encouragement to each other in coming years.”  The group met each year thereafter during the week of Commencement.  In the early years, graduates often presented orations, poems, and dramatic productions.  A banquet, attended by hundreds of graduates and friends, was added to the celebration.

On November 23, 1951 the Concord College (University) Alumni Association became officially incorporated by the West Virginia Secretary of State.  The articles of incorporation states that the intent of the organization is:

  • To promote such activities among the alumni of Concord College (University) as will tend to keep fresh the pleasant memories of former associations, to perpetuate the cherished friendships formed in the schools, to give mutual aid and encouragement to each other in coming years, and to assist the growth and advancement of our Alma Mater, that a greater number each year may be benefited by having studied within her walls.
  • To foster an ever higher moral, educational and ethical standard for the students of Concord College (University) and the members of this Association, through any proper means.
  • To promote the continued growth of Concord College (University) by encouraging young people to enroll therein, and to sponsor scholarship and loan funds to the end that those in need may enroll.
  • To aid in any way possible the growth and advancement of Concord College (University), or any activity carried on in the name of the school.

According to the certificate of corporation:

  • This shall be a non-profit association having no stock.  All persons who have been regularly enrolled in Concord College (University) for at least one semester shall be eligible for membership and those who have paid their annual dues for that year, entitled to vote at any meeting.

The incorporating committee included Roland P. Sharp, George W. Bryson, Fred V. Cooper, J. Woodrow Thomas, and Irvin S. Maddy.

In 1951, the Association was recognized as a non-profit organization.  The governing body of the Association is known as the Executive Council.  The council is comprised of a board of officers, up to 25 at-large positions, chapter representatives, and ex-officio positions.

The Association continues to promote Concord University, its graduates and students.  We encourage and welcome your involvement.

CUAA Scholarships

Concord University Alumni Association 2019-2020 Scholarships

Applications must have been received by April 15, 2019 for consideration

The following undergraduate and graduate scholarship funds are provided through the CUAA annually.


Undergraduate Student Scholarships:

Sue Berger Everett Scholarship (Annual)

$2000 per semester, 8 semesters total. Incoming West Virginia student with distinguished record of service to school and community; 3.5 GPA or higher; Must maintain 3.0 GPA.

Ella Holroyd Scholarship Fund (Annual)

Student pursuing a music degree; $250 per semester.

Hawey A.  Wells Sr. Scholarship Fund (Annual – Department Nomination Required)

Outstanding college senior majoring in biology, pre-medicine or pre-dentistry major who has been nominated by faculty; 3.0 GPA or higher; $500 per semester.

Bolen Scholarship Fund (Annual)

Student majoring in a natural science related degree; Student must be from Mercer or McDowell County, WV; $500 per semester.

Caroline Dawson Ward (Annual)

College Junior: 3.0 GPA: Elementary Education Major; $1000 per semester, 4 semester award.

The Laurence E. Bayless Scholarship for Excellence in Field Biology (Annual – Department Nomination Required)

Nominated by Natural Science Faculty; upcoming college Junior or Senior; 3.0 GPA or higher; Conduct independent research with the goal of attending graduate school; $250 per semester.

Beckett Scholarship (Annual – Department Nomination Required)

College Junior or Senior: 2.5 GPA; based on financial need; must be nominated by the Mathematics Faculty.

Hamlett-Smith Book Waiver Fund (Annual)

Cost of books for academic year (Fall and Spring Semesters); 2.5 undergraduate GPA; based on financial need.

Graduate Student Scholarships:

Hamlett-Smith Book Waiver Fund (Annual)

Cost of books for academic year 2.5 undergraduate GPA/3.0 graduate GPA; based on financial need; full or part time students are eligible.

Bowman-Fraser Graduate Scholarship Fund (Annual)

Concord University alumni pursuing a graduate degree at Concord; 3.0 GPA required in program; full or part time students are eligible; $500 per semester, renewable annually.                      

Otto & Kathryn McKinney Memorial Graduate Scholarship (Annual)

Full or part time students pursuing a graduate level degree at Concord; 3.0 GPA or higher; based on unmet financial need, up to $2000 per semester.

Should you have questions about the scholarship application process, contact the Alumni Office by email (, or phone (304) 384-5348.

Susan Tuck '87

CUAA President


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Alumni Chapters

Pine Trees Alumni Chapter
Southern WV and Southwest VA Counties
Phone: 304-425-0176


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