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Student Accounts Office

In order to protect our students and employees, employees of the Business Office, including the Student Accounts Office, are working remotely. Every effort has been made to make this transition as seamless as possible for those we serve. During this period, you may still reach us at our regularly published extensions and email addresses and we will remain available during regular business hours. Return calls are being made through a third-party application, all Business Office employees have been assigned West Union, WV phone numbers. If you are expecting a return call from our office, please answer any West Union, WV numbers that appear as (304) 405-xxxx or (304) 873-xxxx. Thank you for your patience.

Although West Virginia State Code §18B-10-1: Enrollment, tuition and other fees at educational institutions strictly prohibits registration with a past due balance, the University wants to facilitate the continued enrollment of our students during these unprecedented times. In that spirit, the University is allowing those with an account balance to request the ability to register while an account balance exists. The Student Accounts Office staff are available to assist you with alternate arrangements to aid in your continued enrollment. The Student Accounts Office can be contacted at (304) 384-5212, (304) 384-5972 or

The Student Accounts Office will begin processing residential refunds on Thursday, April 30, 2020. Refunds will be processed incrementally by last name as follows: A-D on Thursday, April 30, 2020; E-K on Tuesday, May 5, 2020; L-R on Friday, May 8, 2020; and S-Z on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. All refunds will be disbursed through the University's third-party servicer, BankMobile. All students are encouraged to log in to their existing BankMobile account ( to verify their preferred refund method. Not selecting a method could delay the receipt of funds up to 14 days.

The Student Accounts Office exists to assist students with their account needs throughout their enrollment at Concord University.  The primary function of the Student Accounts Office is to coordinate and maintain all aspects of the student’s financial account including:  issuing billing statements, confirming attendance, processing payments, maintaining payment plans, and releasing refunds.  
Paying Your Bill

All student accounts must be settled by the first day of each semester.  An account is considered settled when it reflects a zero or credit balance.  This can be achieved by any combination of the following:

  • Paying the bill in full
  • Enrolling in the Monthly Installment Plan
  • Establishing adequate financial aid
  • Arranging for direct billing to your employer

Students whose bills are not settled by the published Last Day to Pay, in the Academic Calendar, may have their registration removed.  Re-enrollment will result in the additional assessment of a reinstatement fee.

Forms of Payment
In addition to the standard forms of payment: cash, checks, and all major credit/debit cards, the Student Accounts Office also accepts online payments, wire transfers (domestic and international), and international payments. 
In-Office Payments
The Student Accounts Office is available to accept in-person payments being made in the form of cash, check and credit/debit cards during regular office hours.  Check payments can also be mailed to Attn: Student Accounts Office, Concord University, P.O. Box 1000, Athens, WV 24712.  Please be sure to include the student ID number on the Memo line.
Online Payments
If you need to make a payment outside of regular office hours or just like the convenience of making online payments, you can do so through the WV State Auditors’ Office’s Online Payments portal.  Tip:  The first page, or Applicant Page, of the process is referring to the Student. The second page, or Cardholder page, of the process is referring to the individual submitting the payment.
Wire Transfers

Domestic and international wire transfers can be sent to Concord University as follows:

Bank Name: BB&T Bank

Account Name:  State of West Virginia, Office of the State Treasurer

Account Number:  5174294463

ABA/Routing Number:  051503394

Account Address:  322 70^th^ Street SE, Charleston, WV  25304

Swift Code:  BRBTUS33

Reference:  Concord University for {student’s name and ID number}

Failure to include the required reference information could result in the return of the wire to the originating bank.

International Payments
Concord University currently accepts international payments processed through FlyWire.  International students may benefit by using FlyWire over the traditional wire transfer bank-to-bank.  FlyWire typically allows you to pay in your own currency which may reduce the conversion rate and any additional bank service fees that may be charged by the receiving bank for a standard international wire transfer. Please visit FlyWire for more information.
Confirming Your Attendance
Concord University utilizes a Confirmation of Attendance Policy in order to comply with federal regulations regarding disbursements of financial aid funds for enrolled students.  The Student Accounts Office issues electronic requests to the students MyCU email to confirm attendance for the current semester regularly until the confirmation of attendance is completed.  Confirmation of attendance is considered part of the payment process, since financial aid cannot be disbursed until the confirmation of attendance is completed.  As such, the confirmation of attendance is also due to be completed by the payment date established by the University each semester.
Student Refunds

When students receive financial aid assistance in excess of their actual charges for a semester, the Student Accounts Office will release a refund to BankMobile on behalf of the student.  Students can receive their financial aid refund from BankMobile under two options:  direct deposit into an existing bank account or open a VIBE checking account through BankMobile.  Students can enroll in BankMobile Disbursements to make or change their preferred refund selection by visiting BankMobile.

Pursuant to the Department of Education under Section §668.164(e)(2)(viii) and (f)(4)(v) the following information is being provided regarding the electronic financial aid refund services available at Concord University: BankMobile Contract Page

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