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Fequently Asked Questions

The Office of Technology Services answers many questions asked by the Concord community on a daily basis and has derived this list of frequently asked questions to provide easy access to common solutions.  If you cannot find a solution to your problem here, please contact the Help Desk.
Campus Wireless

Two primary wireless networks are used and supported by IT Services, CUPUBLIC and CUSECURE.  In the residence halls, the wireless networks are provided and maintained by Technology Services.  All other wireless networks should be avoided and could be used to steal your personal information.

CUPUBLIC provides an open, unsecure connection for guests and friends of CU and cannot be used to connect to shared resources or network connected devices.  After connecting to CUPUBLIC you must read and accept the Terms of Service before you can proceed.

CUSECURE provides the highest secure, encrypted connection using WPA2 and 802.1x authentication and is required to access any campus shared resource or connected devices.  It is available for students, staff, and faculty.

Rogue Wireless Devices
To maintain the security of our wireless network we do not allow personal access points and wireless routers to be used.  The use of such devices can be detected and will be disabled if shown to be a threat.

Requesting Wireless Service 
While we extended Wi-Fi to all main campus buildings in 2017, if you require wireless access happen to be in an area of campus not covered, please contact the helpdesk at x5291 to request service for your area.  Note we have limited expansion capability.

Campus Wireless Policy

Office 365 For Students

Q:   What is Microsoft Office for Students?
A:   Office for Students is a software subscription available via a partnership between Concord University and Microsoft’s Student Advantage Program to provide the full version of Microsoft Office to current students at no cost for their enrollment period.​
Q:   Can I get Office for Students?
A:   Yes you can, when you enroll at Concord you are automatically assigned an Office 365 account and a license that allows you to download and use Office on up to five of your machines, windows or mac.  There are also mobile versions available.​
Q:   How do I download it?
A:   To install Office, login and click on the App Launcher icon (looks like a tic-tac-toe grid) in the upper left then click on Office 365  -> to the right of the app launcher icon. This will take you to the Office page, click on the Install Office drop down menu in the upper right to choose your installatian.
Q:   How long can I use Office for Students?
A:   Your license permits you to use Office as long as you remain an enrolled student at Concord University.  Upon graduation your license will be removed.  If you do not graduate and fail to enroll for the following semester (summer is not counted) then your license will be removed after the start of classes for that semester.
Q:   What happens when my license is removed?
A:   When your license is removed all your installations of Office will display a ‘Your Subscription Has Expired’ message and Office will enter a reduced functionality mode.  This means you may only open, print, and do basic editing of your documents.  You will not lose any documents created and at this point you may purchase your own license to continue using Office or you may uninstall it.
Q:   How can I get more information about Office for Students?
A:   You can visit this Support Page or you can contact the IT Helpdesk at (304) 384-5291 or

Software and Hardware

Does the University provide antivirus software to students?

We currently do not offer antivirus software to students.

Does the University offer Microsoft Office or other programs to students?

Yes.  Concord University has joined Microsoft's Student Advantage Program which allows currently enrolled students to download and install a full copy of Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac on up to five machines, as well as on mobile devices.  For details on this program and how to take advantage of it, please go to Office 365 ProPlus on the Help Desk page.

My personal computer or laptop won’t turn on, can someone there fix it for me?

We do not provide hardware support to students at this time. If your computer is still under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer for help. If it is not under warranty, you will need to take it to a computer shop for repairs.

What should I do if my computer gets infected with a virus and I cannot clean it up myself?

If your computer appears to be infected with a virus, you will need to run an antivirus scan and/or a Malwarebytes scan to check for spyware. If this doesn’t help, then you will need to take it to a repair technician.

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Normal Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Walk-in Location:
2nd Floor of the Rahall Technology Center, Room 254.

Phone Numbers:
On Campus – ext. 5291
Off Campus – (304) 384-5291


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