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How do I access my CU email account?

Your Concord University email account can be accessed by going to the MyCU Self-Service Portal.

How do I sync my CU email account to my smartphone?

You may sync your account to any smartphone or mobile device.  For detailed configuration instructions, please refer to the Office 365 tutorial.

How do I setup my account on Outlook?

For instructions on how to setup Outlook, please refer to the Office 365 tutorial.

What should I do if I think my email account has been compromised?

It is your responsibility to keep your username and passwords confidential; our Email Policies can be found by going to E-Mail Policy.  If you ever suspect that your account has been compromised, please contact the Help Desk as soon as possible.

Can I keep my CU email after I leave or finish school?

Concord University now provides all graduates with an email address.  This is in addition to the student address, that will remain active as long as it is being used.  To request an alumni email address, please complete THIS form.

What if I get married and my last name changes?

If your last name changes and you would like to request a new email account, please contact the Help Desk. We will allow you to receive a new email address with your new name, however, the old account will be deleted after 7 days.