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Student COVID-19 Testing

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has asked that all WV Colleges and Universities test all students returning to campus this Fall 2020.  Please review the Student COVID-19 Testing plan.

Face coverings are required in all campus buildings where social distancing is not guaranteed. All students will receive a COVID-19 safety packet containing a reusable face mask, hand sanitizer and other items that should be used for your safety and that of others while you are on campus. 

Students who cannot wear face coverings should provide documentation from  a physician, therapist or other appropriate professional to the Office of Disability Services.

How do I pick up my COVID-19 safety packet?

  • Residential Students: Students will be given a packet when they check in to their residence halls.
  • Commuters: Students may pick up a packet anytime during the first week of classes from 8 am-4 pm in the Student Center Welcome Center and the Commuter Lounge located on the ground floor of the Student Center. They may also pick them up on Monday, August 17 from 7:30 am – 8:30 am and Tuesday, August 18 from 9:00 am – 10:00 am in the commuter parking lots on Vermillion Street and near the football stadium. 

Students (like faculty and staff) should complete a Daily Self-Check for symptoms.
No student should report to class who has a temperature of 100.4°F and above or has any of the symptoms related to COVID-19.

What do I do if I exhibit COVID-19 symptoms?

  • Call the Concord Student Health Center at 304-384-6355 for an appointment to be tested if you exhibit any symptoms, or if you have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Email your professors and continue coursework virtually until you receive direction from health professionals to resume class attendence. 
  • For residential students, contact your Resident Director immediatly after contacting the Student Health Center.
  • Commuting students should also contact the Student Health Center to report testing results obtained from off campus medical facilities. 
Course Delivery
All classes previously face-to-face have been changed to hybrid, which means they will have face-to-face and online components (Blackboard). Check your email and syllabi regularly. Your professors may send out schedules of when you will attend class in-person. Remember -- you may have Zoom or online assignments. If you're unsure about anything, reach out to your instructors.

Classroom seating will be marked to ensure six feet of space between students.  Students are required to continue wearing masks even with appropriate social distancing while in class.

Plexiglass guards will be installed in front of lecterns in the classrooms that don’t allow 6ft distance from chairs/desks.



Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout campus buildings, and sanitizing wipes will be readily available in each classroom.


The goal is to create a contact-free environment utilizing a paperless system.

Courses requiring lab work or hands-on instruction will continue with the use of appropriate PPE and social distancing to the extent possible.

For students who are unable to attend class in-person due to illness or other considerations, online instruction will be offered simultaneously.  Students are strongly encouraged to contact their professors if they have to miss class. They may also contact LC Smith ( for assistance in notifying instructors about absences. Students requiring academic support should contact the Center for Academic and Career Development at or 304-384-6074 for assistance.
Teacher Education Field Placements
We have been in contact with the county leadership and are working with them to make re-entry safe and successful. However, we will have to wait until county schedules are made public before we know how placements will be completed. Since public schools do not begin until September 8th, you cannot start placements before then anyway. We will let you know our plan well before that date.

In the meantime, do not worry. We will make sure you complete the field placement requirements for success in our program and state licensure.
Beckley Campus
Both the Athens and Beckley campuses will follow all state and national guidelines regarding social distancing and require that masks be worn in all public buildings on each campus. 

The Schedule of Courses located on the Academic page includes the classes that will be offered in Beckley in fall 2020.  All classes (including those in Beckley and Athens) are listed as hybrid classes for the fall and will be at least partially online.  This will help all students as social distancing greatly reduces the number of students that can be in a classroom at one time. It will also help any student who is ill and unable to attend class keep up without worrying about the consequences of missing class.
Libby Alvis Dining Hall
The Libby Alvis Hall will be open for students beginning Wednesday, August 5, 2020.  Seating will be available at appropriate social distancing.  

Cafeteria staff will practice "no touch" service.  Staff will also adhere to daily health monitoring guidelines and are required to wear PPE at all times.  The facility will undergo enhanced sanitation regularly.
Student Spaces
Public spaces such as the cafeteria, Subway area, Study & Tutoring Center, lounges, etc. are being rearranged to promote social distancing and limiting capacity. These spaces will be regularly deep cleaned with special attention given to high touch areas.
Campus Events, Meetings, and Activities
We understand and value the importance of campus life outside the classroom. We want to continue to promote opportunities for you to engage with your peers and make college friends and memories that last a lifetime, while maintaining the health, safety, and well-being of all on campus. All campus activities and events should comply with campus, state, and CDC guidelines in regards to social distancing, capacity, and mask wearing. Currently, these include maintaining 6ft apart when possible, 50% occupancy capacity in spaces, and wearing a mask when social distancing can’t be guaranteed. These are likely to change overtime, so we will regularly update campus on any changes via email, the CU website, and CU social media. 

For updates on sporting events, visit CU's Athletics Website.
Support Services
Support services, such as tutoringcounseling, and offices such as the Center for Academic & Career DevelopmentStudent Support ServicesDisability Services, and others will be available to students both in-person and remotely. 


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