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Department of Fine Arts

Welcome to Concord University's Department of Fine Arts. At Concord, we strive to create an atmosphere that allows a student's artistic expression and creation to grow. We are able to do this by giving students the freedom to work closely with their professors in the classroom and to work individually. Our faculty and staff have attended top colleges and universities and are able to give students the benefits of their experiences so they may better develop their skills. The Department of Fine Arts is separated into two disciplines: Art and Music. Our programs are set up in such a way that students will become more and more proficient in their chosen discipline the further they progress in their studies.
About the Department

Housed in one of the finest facilities of its kind, the Department of Fine Arts provides academic programs in Art and Music. The Department also participates in many interdisciplinary programs and activities. Many co-curricular programs provide activities in the Fine and Performing Arts to the academic community and the community-at-large.

Professional musicians, actors, speakers and artists are brought into the community through the Artist-Lecture Series, which is sponsored and administrated by the Department of Fine Arts. Participation in these community outreach programs provides firsthand practical experience for students in public relations, advertising and professional development.

Program of Art
The programs of Art are based on the conviction that the artist is of essential value to his or her time and culture. Opportunities are provided to help the individual develop talents in an orderly and logical manner. The Division of Fine Art has programs for students seeking careers as teachers, as advertising/graphic design professionals, as studio artists, and for those planning to attend graduate schools. The school offers experience in a variety of media, including a unique program in crafts and training in hand-built ceramics. The Department of Fine Arts facility contains a modern graphic design computer laboratory.
Program of Music
The main objective of the Music program is to graduate competent, sensitive performing musicians. Our program will prepare students to enter a variety of musical careers, including teaching music in the public schools. All students will have many opportunities to perform in juried examinations, public recitals, and in other, less formal venues. As music majors, students receive individual attention and instruction and will gain experience working in musical groups of different sizes. Because of this emphasis on performance, students can expect to plan daily practice sessions of at least two to three hours.
Faculty & Staff

James Biggs

Professor & Chair, Department of Fine Arts
Art Gallery Director

Timothy Mainland

Professor of Music

David Ball

Associate Professor of Music

Kelly Hudson

Associate Professor of Music

Kevin Bennington

Associate Professor of Art

Jacob Womack

Assistant Professor of Music / Collaborative Pianist Fine Arts

Chase Bowman

Instructor in Art

Margaret "Maggie" Jusiel

Adjunct Professor of Music


Rita Montrosse


Thomas Treadway

Adjunct Basic Computer Graphics / Web Design

Marcheta Gunter

Academic Program Associate

James Biggs

Professor and Chair, Department of Fine Arts
Art Gallery Director

Contact Us

Phone: 304-384-5275
Marcheta Gunter, Secretary

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