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History, Philosophy, & Religion 

History (Major)

History is the study of the past. It shapes the present and sets the course for the future. The study of history enables students to gain a greater understanding of the people, events, and trends that have influenced the present, and provides the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to solve contemporary problems.

The Program in History prepares students for graduate school in history and closely related disciplines, and a wide variety of careers in schools, colleges, and universities, museums, archives, and libraries, federal, state, and local government, law, tourism, and consulting.

The Program is in full compliance with the Statements, Standards, and Guidelines of the American Historical Association and an Institutional Member of the Association.

History (Minor)

The Minor in History supports a large number of majors in a wide variety of disciplines: The Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Science, Education, Business, Social Work, and more.

Philosophy & Religion  (Minor)

Philosophy, literally, the love of wisdom, is the rational exploration of fundamental questions about ourselves and the world in which we live. Is there a God or something like God? How do we know the truth? Is the moral life objective, relative, or entirely subjective? What does it mean to be a human person? What are our rights? Our responsibilities? And many, many more.

The Philosophy & Religion Program works closely with others to enable students to pursue a minor or a series of electives in support of a wide range of careers in the arts, humanities, law, science, social science, and professional degree programs.

The Philosophy & Religion Program is in full compliance with the current Policies, Statements, and Reports of the American Philosophical Association
History Program Assessments
History Program assessment data is collected from the following History course assignments:
  • Comprehensive Final Exams in HIST 101 and HIST 102
  • Analytical Essays in HIST 203 and HIST 204
  • Capstone Seminar Papers
For information about History Program assessments, please contact Dr. Jonathan Berkey

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