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Welcome to Concord's Recreation & Tourism Management Page

For those of you unfamiliar with the field of Recreation and Tourism, we are the people who manage and operate parks, pools, forests, fitness centers, hotels, restaurants and hundreds of other places people go to have fun.

The recreation and tourism industry needs people who know how to manage a facility and who understand and relate to the people who will use it.

 RTM students enjoy a mix of traditional classroom instruction with frequent opportunities for hands-on learning, as they learn to apply content from class in real world settings.

Job satisfaction in the tourism field is high. RTM graduates enjoy this career field because it offers variety, opportunity and a chance to help make people happy.   


Why Major in RTM?

Outdoor recreation activity in the United States generates $887 billion in consumer spending and creates 7.6 million jobs.  (Outdoor Industry Association, 2018)
“Over the decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening ‎diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. ‎Modern tourism is closely linked to development and encompasses a growing number ‎of new destinations. These dynamics have turned tourism into a key driver for socio-‎economic progress.‎” (World Tourism Organization, 2019)
Research shows that jobs in Tourism Management provide high levels of both job satisfaction and independence (Coughlin & Haarhoff, 2015)
1 of every 10 jobs in the United States is in the Travel and Tourism field. (U.S. Travel Association, 2019)

RTM Internship Program

The RTM program at Concord University places an emphasis on students learning by doing. Our internship program is key to that idea. Internships provides students with real work experience in something they are passionate about.

An internship is required for all RTM majors except those with a Sports Management degree emphasis. Upon approval by the RTM Faculty Internship Supervisor, the student is allowed to take an internship during the fall, spring or summer semester.  

Find out about the benefits of an internship, student eligibility, advice on selecting an internship, application forms and more below. 

Benefits of an Internship

What you get from your internship will be determined by what you put into it. The exact nature of each internship will be determined by the type of business or organization in which the student is placed. The following are a few specific benefits you should expect: 

  • Receive practical hands-on work experience before graduation. 
  • Learn current methods and techniques in a work environment.
  • Practice, improve, and evaluate classroom skills, techniques, and theories. 
  • Identify and meet individual goals while growing as leaders. 
  • Evaluate personal likes and dislikes to make sound career decisions. 
  • Develop professional contacts with networking opportunities.
  • Build a stronger resume that will help in obtaining full-time employment.


Student Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for enrollment in the Internship Program, the student must meet the following requirements: 
  • A 2.0 grade point average 
  • Senior standing
  • Completion of most RTM core courses
  • Prior approval from the faculty member (advisor) responsible for the student's particular concentration.
  • Notification of intentions to the Faculty Internship Supervisor
Student Activities

RTM students have so much fun while earning their degree at Concord University. What students learn in the classroom is only the first step. From there, they have the opportunity to go on field trips, conduct research, participate in international student exchange programs and so much more. Below are some of our popular student activities. Let what you are passionate about guide your time at Concord. 

Adventure Programming

As part of our emphasis on "learning by doing," RTM students go on many field trips. Imagine spending the day with your classmates high up in the trees while you learn to navigate obstacles, work together and overcome your fears. Best of all, imagine earning college credit while doing it!


Caving Trips

From high in the trees to deep underground, the RTM program has something for all of our students. Students safely and responsibly explore limestone caverns in the region. While visiting places like Pig Hole Cave, students get their hands dirty as they examine geological formations and learn caving navigation techniques. 


Russia Student Exchange Program

For students interested in a career in international tourism, RTM has developed an exchange program with Volga State University of Technology located in the Mari-El Republic of Russia. Students and faculty have the opportunity to go to Russia and learn about their culture while students and faculty from VSUT come to Concord to learn about ours. This exchange of ideas is a wonderful benefit and opportunity for students. 


Student Research

RTM students are encouraged to conduct independent and original research in areas that are important to them. Working under the supervision of faculty, students have the opportunity to present their work at venues including regional conferences and Concord University Undergraduate Research Day.


Our Faculty and Staff

Clayton, Linwood
Linwood Clayton
Associate Professor of Recreation and Tourism Management
Gonderman, Lucinda
Lucinda Gonderman
Academic Program Associate
Ramthun, Roy
Roy Ramthun
Professor of Recreation and Tourism Management
Robinett, Susan
Susan Robinett
Department Chair / Professor of Business
Williams, Susan
Susan Williams
Director, Beckley Campus, and Professor of Marketing

What does a Recreation and Tourism Management Degree Do for you?

Students with degrees in RTM are specialists in one or more of the following disciplines:

Parks and Recreation

Hospitality Management

Tourism Planning and Promotion

Program Contact person

To learn more about the RTM Internship Program, contact the Program Contact Person below. He will walk you through the process of finding, applying and successfully completing your internship.

Dr. Roy Ramthun
Professor of Recreation and Tourism Management
Rahall, 224

Recreation and Tourism Management
Internship Program
Concord University
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Internship Program Forms

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