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CAEP 8 Annual Report Measures

CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation) has eight annual reporting measures which are used to provide information to the public on both program outcome and program impact. Following is the list of CAEP measures with links to data tables that provide supporting evidence for each measure for the 2017-18 academic year.

Measure of Completer Impact
Comparison with Benchmark
Supporting Evidence
Impact Measures (CAEP Standard 4)
Measure 1: Impact on P-12 Learning and Development(Component 4.1)
The provider documents, using multiple measures, that program completers contribute to an expected level of student-learning growth.
West Virginia Teacher Performance Assessment
Under Development
Measure 2: Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness(Component 4.2)
The provider demonstrates that completers effectively apply the professional knowledge, skills and dispositions that the preparation experiences were designed to achieve.
Case Study
Under Development
Under Development
Measure 3: Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones(Component 4.3, A.4.1)
The provider demonstrates that employers are satisfied with the completers’ preparation for their assigned responsibilities in working with P-12 students.
Employer Satisfaction Survey

Under Development

Employer Survey Summary 2017-18:
   Undergraduate and MAT Program
   Graduate M.Ed. (under development)
Measure 4: Satisfaction of Completers(Component 4.4, A.4.2)
The provider demonstrates that program completers perceive their preparation as relevant to the responsibilities they confront on the job, and that the preparation was effective.
Exit Interview
Under Development
Concord Exit Interview Fall 2017
Concord Exit Interview Spring 2018
Outcome Measures
Measure 5: Graduation Rates (Initial and Advanced)
Completer Information
Under Development
Graduation Rates

Under Development

Graduation Rates 2017-18:
   M.Ed. and MAT Program
   Undergraduate Program (under development)
Measure 6: Ability of Completers to Meet Licensing Requirements
Praxis II Content Knowledge Exams
Under Development
Measure 8: Student Loan Default Rates and Other Consumer Information
Tuition and Fees
Under Development
Quick Facts
Under Development
Department of Education Facts
Under Development
3-Year Student Loan Default Rates
Under Development