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Student Teaching

Student teaching (Supervised Directed Teaching) is a 16-week, intensive (full-day), professional experience arranged and coordinated by the Coordinator of Clinical Experiences in the Department of Education at Concord University. Student teaching is a full time professional experience.Teacher candidates should not enroll in extra coursework, or engage in extra-curricular activities which interfere with student teaching. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Coordinator of Clinical Experiences. Candidates complete student teaching assignments in PreK-Adult public school(s) located in counties in proximity to the University, as well as required seminars offered at the University.

Candidates apply for admission to student teaching by the end of the fourth week of the semester preceding the semester in which student teaching is planned, as well as submit a Student Teaching Placement Request Form. Candidates will be notified by letter of their eligibility. Additionally, all candidates must attend a mandatory placement meeting held the semester prior to student teaching. Placement meetings are held on the last Wednesday in September and the last Wednesday in February. All teacher education candidates are required to purchase LiveText Field Experience Module in order to successfully complete all evaluations, assessments and time-logs associated with Student Teaching.

Early Field Experiences

Early field-based experiences are included in most of the professional education courses, and methods block courses. The goal of an early field experience is to introduce teacher education candidates to teaching in a PreK-Adult classroom. This will allow candidates to transfer their idea of teaching from a student’s perspective, to a teacher’s point of view. The early field experiences vary in the number of hours required and assessments that must be completed by content specialization. Please see Early Field Experience requirements under course description in the Academic Catalog.

Students must submit placement request forms at the beginning of each semester in order to be assigned a field placement. Students must also complete all required hours and assessments by the end of each semester. Each student will be assigned a mentor teacher, typically at the school or county of their choice, which will serve as a classroom guide throughout their early field experience. All teacher education candidates are required to purchase LiveText Field Experience Module in order to successfully complete all evaluations, assessments and time-logs associated with their Early Field Experience.

* Note: Observation hours for one course cannot be used to satisfy hours for another course, or be used toward ATEP volunteer hours. 

Student Teaching Requirements
The following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for admission into Student Teaching:
  1. Candidate must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program.
  2. All coursework must be successfully completed.
  3. All required early field experiences must be successfully completed.
  4. Passing scores on PRAXIS II: Subject Assessments and Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) must be attained. Written verification from ETS must be on file with the Coordinator of Clinical Experiences prior to the deadline for eligibility to student teach. The eligibility deadline is the last day of the semester prior to the semester of student teaching.
  5. The following GPAs must be attained:
  • An overall 2.75 in all coursework attempted
  • An overall 2.00 in the General Education Program
  • An overall 2.75 in Professional Education Component with a grade of “C” or better in all courswork
  • The required GPA in the content specialization.

*Note: Candidates not meeting application deadlines, admission criteria, and/or not attending the mandatory placement meeting will be denied student teaching and may reapply the following semester.  Candidates may appeal this decision through the Director of Teacher Education.

Courses that require an Early Field Experience

Courses with an early field experience include, but are not limited to: 

Course Hours Field Experience Description 
EDSP 317 Reading Strategies for Special Education 25 Special Education setting
EDSP 326 Development of Communication Systems 10 CU Childcare Center
EDSP 365 Understanding Difficult Behavior 25 Special Education setting
EDSP 370 Planning & Implementation of Individualized Plans for Special Education 25 Special Education setting
EDSP 380 Trends & Issues in Special Education  10 summer camp
EDSP 409 Strategies for the Secondary Classroom Inclusive Environment BLOCK Methods Block
EDSP 412 Science & Social Studies Methods for Special Education BLOCK Methods Block
EDSP 413 Reading Language Arts Methods for Special education BLOCK Methods Block
EDSP 414 Mathematics Methods for Special Education BLOCK Methods Block
EDSP 415 Co-Teaching, Consultation & Collaboration BLOCK/25 Methods Block (secondary & EDSP majors) / 25 hours (elementary majors)
EDUC 210 Diversity, Culture, and Education in a Pluralistic Society 25 Content level (i.e. 5-Adult, K-6, PK-Adult) and content area when available
EDUC 304 Developmentally Appropriate Practices 25 Kindergarten class
EDUC 305 Psychology of Teaching & Learning 25 Content specialization
EDUC 306 Instructional Processes & Strategies 25 Content specialization
EDUC 315 Understanding Reading Problems: Assessment & Instruction 15 Title1 class or during reading time
EDUC 410 Secondary Content Methods BLOCK Methods Block
EDUC 412 Elementary Methods in the Teaching of Science & Social Studies BLOCK Methods Block
EDUC 413 Elementary Methods in the Teaching of Mathematics BLOCK Methods Block
EDUC 414 Elementary Methods in the Teaching of Literacy BLOCK Methods Block
EDUC 416 Assessment & the Data Informed Teacher BLOCK Methods Blocks
EDUC 418 Content Area Reading BLOCK Methods Block
EDUC 460 Student Teaching full time Student Teaching 16 weeks
PED 402 Curriculum & Instruction for Elementary Physical Education 15 Elementary PE class
PED 403 Curriculum & Instruction for Middle & Adolescent Physical Education 15 Secondary PE class
PED 407 Adapted Physical Education 15 Kindergarten thru 12th PE class

NOTE: Course Descriptions, number of hours and early field experience description subject to change

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