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The Department of Humanities regularly offers courses in French, German, and Spanish. Elementary I & II courses are offered for each language, and Intermediate I & II courses are offered for French and Spanish. 

The Language courses give students an opportunity to examine "from the inside" a culture which is different from their own, and also enable them to view their native language from a broader perspective by comparing it with another.

Given our own national demographic needs and constant evidence of the global and interdependent nature of environmental and economic problems in our world, the acquisition of modern language skills is assuming ever greater urgency, in order to foster clearer communication and better understanding in diplomacy, ecology, business and economics. 

Courses in languages at Concord are designed to meet the needs of students seeking to:

  • fulfill General Education requirements. A two-semester course sequence in one modern language may be substituted for some General Education requirements (including the composition, math and 4-hour lab science requirements).
  • meet requirements in a degree program that requires modern language coursework (for example, English and History). These courses help students to attain a very basic reading and speaking knowledge of the language most useful in their fields.
  • pursue a personal interest in or professional need for acquaintance with a specific language. The knowledge of another language can be helpful in fields such as business, law, criminology, social work, and medicine. 

Since language learning is far more efficient if continuous between high school and college courses, or between the semesters or years in college, it is wise not to postpone language courses. 
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